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Will Bethesda Remain A Leader In VR After The Microsoft Purchase?

During the new age of VR first kickstarted by Oculus (no pun intended) and followed soon after by Valve and PSVR Bethesda was one of the first to show a commitment to the new medium. First with ports of big games such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim to VR. These big games gave us a taste of what a AAA game could look like in VR even if they weren't built from the ground up with VR in mind.

Bethesda continued their support with DOOM VFR and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot. Brand new entries from existing franchises built from the ground up for VR support. These titles showed a much deeper commitment to the medium as extensive resources were devoted to games only playable in VR. Prey: Typhon Hunter was also released by Bethesda as an expansion to Prey: Mooncrash fully playable in VR.

After the Microsoft acquisition there has been silence from Bethesda about VR in their upcoming games. Starfield seems like a perfect opportunity to launch a new IP with VR included from the beginning but we have seen no hint of it yet. Microsoft has been notoriously skeptical of VR and have only dipped their toes into AR on PC with nothing for consoles. Is it that VR isn't compatible with the streaming via Gamepass future they envision for gaming or do they truly not think the hardware is ready? Only they can say. Will Microsoft allow Bethesda to pursue VR gaming when it is niche and not compatible with streaming? Again we must wait for the answers there as well.

VR to my mind is the future of AAA gaming. Once you have had the experience of being inside a game world instead of simply viewing it from outside you know "flat" gaming can never compare to the sense of presence you get from VR. Will Bethesda be a part of that future or a footnote in its history? Only time will tell.

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TheLigX115d ago

I think so. Why wouldn’t they get in on some of the Vr action on pc? I just think they don’t want to mess with hardware.

Magog115d ago

I think they might be tempted to leave VR to modders on PC.

Kosic114d ago

Even with Microsoft owning Bethseda, I don't think this'll change the way they will resell the same game again and again and again on every platform from PC to your toaster. Even with added VR content.

rippermcrip114d ago

Well with Microsofts new slogan play anywhere... VR doesn't fit in with that. They had no interest in VR before.

Gunstar75109d ago

MS as an organisation has invested millions in VR and MR and still does. They have just decided it isn't ready for mass market console gamers.

If you are a pc gamer the landscape is very different

PapaBop108d ago

Play anywhere.. but not in VR would be a more accurate slogan. I hope Microsoft do look to bring a mass market VR device, with what they are currently doing and offering cross platform experiences between xbox and PC, they've laid down a great foundation for entering the VR market.

gamer7804114d ago

Hope not vr still isn’t good enough for me anyways

MrNinosan114d ago

Bethesda has been silence regarding VR since the acqusition you say, but I'd say it's been quiet regarding anything from Bethesda.
I might be wrong as I ain't following them closely, but did they show or talk about anything last 2 years?

Yui_Suzumiya114d ago

Just Starfield and some expansions for Fallout 76.

just_looken111d ago

But this vr was on nexusmods fanmade?

alb1899102d ago

Deadloop and Ghostwire Tokyo are new titles from Zenimax. Starfield is coming this year and is a very huge game.

ElvisHuxley114d ago

Yeah, I don't have much faith in anything that gets under the MS umbrella. MS doesn't function well outside of a monopoly, something they probably are aware of, hence the acquisitions.

alb1899114d ago

From the same people that said that MS will sell the XBOX Brand because they didn't believe in the videogame industry.... look now.

ScootaKuH104d ago

I agree. They have set a precedent that Sony need to follow and we're starting to see this now. Microsoft aren't interested in competing, they want to own and control the industry. I don't have a lot of excitement for the future of th games industry as a whole tbh.

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godmachine114d ago

Honestly just make the series x or s compatible with any 3rd party Pc headset and or the oculus that has inside out tracking.. no cameras or sensors one wire in the front and done and no hardware needed from Microsoft at all ..though I don't think series x has a USB c port

TheLigX107d ago

You don’t need usb-c for oculus link. USB 3.2 does the trick.

generic-user-name114d ago

Phil: "nobody's asking for VR"

Doesn't fill me with hope, however if VR does go mainstream I'm sure he'll bust out the checkbook again and claim they do VR better than anyone else.

traumadisaster114d ago

My buddy drinks bourbon, he’s not asking for beer, but if he wants whisky I’m sure I’ll bust out the checkbook…

generic-user-name112d ago

You're buddy will want beer when the quality of beer continues to increase and he sees others enjoying it.

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The story is too old to be commented.