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Can the Xbox One be Microsoft's First Company-Branded Desktop Computer?

May 21, 2013 will go down in video gaming history as the day Microsoft revealed it's third generation gaming platform, known as Xbox One - The All-In-One Multimedia & Gaming Device. May 21st will also be known as the day that around 78% of the gaming community ( took to twitter and forums/comment sections everywhere and started their backlash of attacks against Microsoft and Xbox One (Me being one of them!).

After what was built-up to be an amazing reveal and to see if Microsoft could compete on the same level as Sony did with their PlayStation 4 reveal, we all had our reasons why we disliked/hated/enraged about the Xbox One. Personally, I was disappointed with the reveal overall. The only parts I found interesting were the new Xbox controller, Quantum Break and the "15 exclusives, 8 NEW Franchises" part (I also have to admit I was shocked to see J. Allard in the Xbox Anthem Video at the beginning, that may have been the highlight of the show :D)

Of course, the main reasons why I hated the reveal were the same reasons why most of you guys either did or still do today:
1) Too focused on TV and Windows Integration (turning Xbox into a cable-box)
2) The awkward forced clapping/cheering in the background
3) Only 25 minutes devoted to games, none of them being shown in real-time or live gameplay
4) 15 of those 25 minutes went to EA and Call of Duty: Ghosts
5) The new Kinect is mandatory for the Xbox One to work
6) Halo TV Series with Steven Spielberg....I'm a Halo fan, but this is just ridiculous

However, the real backlash came throughout the entire day following the reveal as Microsoft execs, primarily Phil Harrison, talked more about Xbox One:
1) Charging fees for used games or to play on a different account
2) Having to have an established connection to Live once every 24hrs to play single player/offline games (Or possibly an actual Always Online connection mandatory)
3) Mandatory install of every game to a 500GB (3a. Non-Removable Hard Drive) and having to lock the game to your Live account
4) Zero Backwards Compatibility with anything from Xbox 360 (This includes all your Arcade/Indie or Digital Downloads you've paid for)
5) Kinect and Internet mandatory = Privacy Issues all around

Although some of the the points above may or may not be true, as Microsoft have yet to confirm nor deny anything after May 21...I had to re-watch this entire reveal to see if there is something I might have missed or did not completely understand. And then it hit me. What is Microsoft's new direction and what are they trying to do?....Create & release their own products along with their existing and growing software business.

Given their change in direction by offering the Windows OS to be used on any device (Computers, tablets, phones) and have the same look and experience on every device. Add to the fact they entered into the Tablet market last year with the Microsoft branded Surface RT and Surface Pro devices. This is when I found out, Microsoft have turned the Xbox Line into a new hybrid of a multimedia/PC/gaming console:
1) Every game has to be installed to the HDD, like a PC
2) Focusing more on digitally distributed content and applications, just like Steam and all the apps through the Windows Store on PC's
3) Encapsulating Windows Kernels into the Xbox Interface to get a hybrid Windows/Xbox UI
4) Providing USB 3.0 ports and HDMI in and out ports, just like an All-In-One PC...hence the All-In-One Xbox experience Microsoft kept marketing it as.
5) Turning Skype into only means of Video Calling (like on PC)
6) Using an x86 architecture, AMD 8-core processor, DDR3 memory...much like you would find in a PC.

It just occurred to me that Microsoft are simply trying to create a new PC-enabled device within an existing Xbox product line, and focusing more on what an All-In-One PC should be, rather than what made Xbox what it is today. Also, I find the name rather convincing as well, Xbox One - The First PC-driven All-in-One Xbox. Granted, I have become neutral on this subject now, and have reserved my judgment on whether or not I will be purchasing an Xbox One this year, until after E3 2013 (Where they will be supposedly using the entire 1.5 hour media briefing to show off games and more GAMES!...only one can hope)

So what do you guys think....Do you think this can be marketed as Microsoft's first foray into the Desktop PC market? Or is this Microsoft's true successor to the Xbox 360?

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jmidd001968d ago

Is the Xbox a desktop? Well you can answer that question very easily by asking yourself a few thing. Are you hooking it up to a monitor and a mouse and sitting it on your desk?

HyperBear1968d ago

You have an Xbox One??? Oh My!!!