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The RTU Debacle: Well, that's gaming journalism for you.

UPDATE: COD Ghosts Confirmed by Activision to be running at 1080p native on the PS4 and 720p upscaled to 1080p on the XBO. Another debunk:

So, I watched ReviewTechUSA's video. I was completely mind blown by the outlandish claims that this guy was making. He said that he got them from 'Very reliable sources'. It's funny that he says that, because he always complains when anonymous are used and then he pulls this crap.

Here are some of his claims:
1. The reason for the Watch Dogs delay was because the XBO and PS4 network infrastructures were not stable also explains why Driveclub got delayed
2.Call Of Duty Ghosts is going to run at 720p on both the PS4 and Xbox One, JUST because of the network infrastructure weaknesses. However, the Wii U version will run it at 1080p.
3.The PS4's Day One Patch disables DRM.

Bull. ****ing. Shit. All of it.
Watch Dogs got delayed because of games like GTAV and because Ubisoft didn't want their own games to cannibalize each other. Rich even made a video about it.
Also, I'm no Microsoft fan, but Xbox Live is their strongest attribute for the Xbox. There's no way in hell that the thing that MS has invested the most in for the Xbox brand is going to be so bad at launch to the point that it delays a game.

Resolution has NOTHING to do with networking in the slightest. If it did, why are we getting COD Ghosts in 720p (Which was already confirmed to be native 1080p on the PS4 by Adam Boyes:
and Killzone Shadowfall at 1080p @ 60fps online? Same goes for Forza 5.

The Day One patch is not required to play on the PS4 and neither is an internet connection. Shuhei Yoshida has stated this on Twitter already.
There are articles branching from February and May (both before E3) consisting of interviews from Shuhei Yoshida and Mark Cerny that the PS4 wouldn't have DRM:

Also, Shuhei Yoshida recently confirmed that the Day one patch will not be included on games, meaning you'll have to get it off the internet:
Mix that in with the fact that you don't need an internet connection for the PS4 and you don't need the Day One patch, this whole 'Day one patch covering up DRM on the PS4' thing is BS.

People like to throw around this article:

Let me ask you this.
Where's the quote? It makes no sense at all, especially if you look at the links above about the PS4 not having DRM. This is what Yoshida really said:

Read the title. It says: 'Negative response to Xbox One was a 'very useful source' for PS4 marketing decisions, says Shuhei Yoshida'

"There were lots of people who gave their opinions on that issue to my Twitter account before E3," SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told Famitsu magazine this week. "It's not that our hardware policies are decided strictly based on user reaction like this, but when we were thinking about what we had to bring across and how to bring it across, it was a very useful source."
You see? They used it as a source of how to bring it across at E3! They didn't change their minds at the last second.

C'mon, let's be serious. A multibillion dollar company like Sony, consisting of investors, shareholders, what have you, is not going to change something major like DRM in a matter of hours and lie to the masses at E3 (The BIGGEST gaming event of the year) like PS4daily is suggesting. It's just not gonna happen.
People on YT are saying 'Yoshida responded, so something's up.' EHHH! Wrong! Yoshida was asked to comment on the videos content. If he didn't respond, people would've found it suspicious.

So it's pretty obvious that whoever Rich's 'very reliable source' is, they're very misinformed. So let's see what we're dealing with here.

The source makes stupid claims and predictions and the negativity is mainly aimed at Sony, trying to downplay the resolution that COD Ghosts is at on the PS4 (native 1080p) and Sony's upper hand when it came to DRM against MS.

Who fits all this? Guess. Think for 3 seconds.

Now everything below is just my theory.


It has to be him. If you've seen his blog, it's full of Sony hate and industry 'insiders' who nobodies really heard of. Let's not forget he was willing to cling to the straws of the DGPU in the XBO. And now that the PS4 is confirmed to be running COD Ghosts at 1080p native with MS refusing to reveal the resolution for the XBO version, along with the fact that on of Sony's biggest factors in the success of the PS4 is due to the fact they been consistent about their stances on policies, he's trying to downplay it. He's trying to pull Sony down. He has that 'You're going down with me' mentality, even though MS's situation has improved immensely. You can't tell me that Rich's source is from someone at Sony. They'd have nothing to gain from it.
Why is MisterXmedia letting RTU do the talking? Because he wants to get as many people to know about this FUD. His blog is no where near as popular as RTU's YT channel.
I think the reason RTU has grown so much is because of Rich's pessimistic views. Notice that he doesn't have a fully optimistic opinion about anything. He's replicating what news channels like Fox News do, because it draws people in. What give me the chills is the amount of likes that he's getting and the amount of PC and Nintendo fanboys jumping the gun.
Let's not forget that when people were jumping the gun about the Wii U not having that many good games (which in all honesty isn't going to change until next year), they got mad. I'm a Nintendo fan, but they are not the saviours of gaming. If Nintendo is for the gamers, then where are the games?

I guess that Rich decided to do the video to drum up some views and get money. He has accomplished that. But I can't wait to see what backtracking BS he comes up with after the launch of the PS4 and XBO. But really gaming journalism all comes down to attention seeking these days. Have some of you forgotten about his videos about how consoles will die by the hands of mobile gaming. After I saw that, I started to doubt him. One more thing:
Don't you think that for one 'source' to get all BS 'info', they'd have to get around a lot?

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know what you think is going on.

EDIT: MisterXmedia at it again, following the events of the BF4 comparison:

I'm telling you, this guy is Rich's 'source'.

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black0o2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

thank God that the consoles are launching next month .. and i don't want to see the word ''insiders'' ever again

16 days to go

Godmars2902958d ago

"and i don't want to see the word ''insiders'' ever again"

Until the next console release you mean.

Or the next major console related BS. Like the Next Halo or COD/Battlefield after whatever versions the current ones are.

black0o2958d ago

i always ignore games related rumors and leaks ..

darthv722958d ago

I thought the whole point of the RTU video was satire. Meaning that he was poking fun at the " anonymous inside sources" that many go crazy over believing to be true.

you can tell by the sarcastic tone in his voice he wasnt being serious. Or at least...that was how i took it.

It really was quite funny how he did it and even more funny how people reacted.

DragonKnight2958d ago

It wasn't satire. His newest video confirms that.

SilentNegotiator2958d ago

Come now, Dragonknight; he's clearly just satirizing satirizing satire.

s45gr322957d ago

That could be a possibility.

SeraphimBlade2958d ago

They seriously said resolution was weaker because of the network? I still think the internet is made from unicorn hairs and even I know that's not how that works...

DragonKnight2958d ago

Yes, they said that the resolution is 720p because of a poor, unfinished network. Can you believe that B.S.

And RTU made a new video attacking Dualshockers for calling him out on his B.S. and HE HIMSELF stated that he scratched his head on that one and still ran with it.

SilentNegotiator2958d ago

IDK, man....PSN doesn't have 500 million servers; you're probably only going to be able to use like, 3 buttons.

DragonKnight2958d ago

Nevermind that. The PS4 doesn't have snapping, you won't even be able to turn the console on.

HonestDragon2958d ago

That video was the equivalent of bait articles that list the supposed "worst" or "must die" video game franchises. Seeing that video was the first time I saw this Youtube channel, but rest assured I'm not visiting that one again. I don't know if this Rich guy has much or if any credibility given that he is working off of "sources" that make outrageous claims like what he listed. For me, that video is full of misinformation and was just made to get hits. Poor gaming journalism at its finest.

EXVirtual2958d ago

And his 'source' is MisterXmedia.
Type in MisterXmedia on google, click the first link and you'll find it. It has to be him. I've never seen anything with as much BS that he has in his blogs. Never.

HonestDragon2955d ago

Skimming through some of his pages and titles, it would seem as though that MisterXmedia is very anti-Sony. He keeps bringing up subjects from "sources" that make extravagant claims about how the PS4 is messed up in one way or another and that Sony is covering their tracks with faulty equipment. Or something ridiculous like that.

Just seems to me like someone who wants to gun for Sony and boost Microsoft's reputation. At that, the community on his site is very reminiscent to conspiracy theorists who like to draw up theories based on loose or no evidence. That was a whole other side of the video game community that I've never seen before.

JohnApocalypse2958d ago

Its funny how he made a backlash to Duelshockers but not replying to any of their arguments

OrangePowerz2958d ago

Like I said somewhere else if the update would disable DRM the games wouldn`t run without the update or internet connection.

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