Mark Rubin confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts is 720p on Xbox One and 1080p on PS4

Mark Rubin: "Hey, been on the road last couple weeks so haven’t had a chance to update, but wanted to confirm that for Xbox One we’re 1080p upscaled from 720p. And, we’re native 1080p on PS4. We optimized each console to hit 60 FPS and the game looks great on both. Still on the road, but glad to see the great reception to Extinction. Can’t wait for next week’s launch."

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PlayStation_41845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Upscaled to 1080p... Sad news for Xbox fans!

Same with BF4 too, PS4 version has 56% more pixels on BF4 (native 1280 x 720 on X1 vs. 1600 x 900 on PS4).

GarrusVakarian1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

1080p native on PS4 and 720p on X1? Next gen hasn't even started yet and already the gap is noticeable.This has really surprised me, CoD Ghosts isn't even that impressive graphically!

Really good to see that devs are using the extra power of the PS4 and not aiming for parity.

pyramidshead1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Lmfao. "only rumours!" "Sonygaf spreading FUD!". Maybe some of you will take rumours that start there a little more serious now aye? :P. This will sting for people who accuse Neogaf for making up rumours on the go.

But my my... come on now.. many sources confirmed this, even journalists for god sake. Even if some of you didn't want it to be true.

At least it's upscaled though.

Get ready for a botched up Digital Foundry comparison to down play the PS4 version too(dat washed out blur). Looking forward to that high contrast, crushed black and dialed up sharpness on the XB1 version.

Robearboy1845d ago

Its nothing to do with the "power" of the xbox its just harder to programme for - its like a throw back to 2005 when teams were struggling to utilise the cell properly

Eonjay1845d ago

I don't believe it. Its just as the laws of physics predicted. More powerful hardware will in fact produce higher fidelity visuals.

xHeavYx1845d ago

First Battlefield and now this? It can only get better as developers get more time on the PS4

JokesOnYou1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Well its a no buy for me because they either rushed it or just didnt put alot of effort into it. The game is not graphically demanding so theres no way it shouldnt be 1080p on X1 when there are other games that can with better graphics.

Sounds like a launch window rushed port to make a buck. Anybody who thinks X1 cant run Ghosts at 1080p is foolish, they just didn't have proper time with the final hardware and instead pushing it back, they rather keep the launch date purely for financial reasons.

Also enough with the lying, sure he may have been on the road but he sure as hell saw all the resolution fuss, just waiting closer to release for damage control, also isnt this the same guy boasting before about 1080p on X1?

-Yep he said it was running on both X1 and ps4 at 1080p, so he was lying or they rushed the game. Confirmed.

jatakk1845d ago

I'm actually a bit shocked, 720p on f-ing C O D! I didn't really believe the Neogaf rumours, but now I'll eat my hat!!

Time to consider cancelling my XB1 preorder.....

Enemy1845d ago

TitanFall is 720p too, even with those COD graphics.

Sci0n1845d ago

its easier to develope for now so they have no excuses. With the PS4's power now compared to the one we should see a even larger gap between multiplatforms performance.

pedrof931845d ago

[email protected]

Not COD graphics, apparently they used Source engine, so CS graphics.

Eonjay1845d ago


Just stop and think... if your plan is to only support developers that can get games to run in 1080p on Xbox One, you aren't going to own very many games.

Either be greatful that Microsoft is allowing you to play on yesterday's tech or get a PS4.

Game-ur1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

If the BF4 and CoD reports turnd out to be true then we should start worrying about the X1 OS crash reports and frequent online disconnections, they come from the same sources, cancelling my pre-order till they sort things out.

christrules00411845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

The difference is that developers use X86 architecture for PC already. Because they already use it for PC means they can squeeze out a lot more power of the consoles already compared to last gen. The developers can learn to optomize better but it isn't going to make a huge improvement like we saw with the PS3.

Just a comparison:
Lets say a welder is used to doing mig welding. His company gives him a special project to use a arc weld for some reason. Because it's different he has to get his technique down so it improves a lot over time. Then the company buys him a new mig welding machine. He already knows the basics and how to get lots out of it. He can get a bit better but he won't improve durastically because he already knows how to get lots out of the machine.

thereapersson1845d ago

Eonjay, well it's the same logic as those who said they'd only buy exclusives on the PS3 because only PS3 exclusive developers know how to get the most out of the PS3. At least with the PS3 if you go that route, however, you still have a good chance at obtaining a solid gaming library due to Sony have a plethora of franchises and developers to rely on.

Bennibop1845d ago

The cloud seem to be improving the xbox then!

johndoe112111845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )


If it was a situation of it being rushed then it wouldn't be 1080p on the ps4 either.

Listen, I'm not saying that the xbox one can't run it at 1080p, apart from the fact that every one and their mother knows that the ps4 is a more powerful system , there has to be a reason other than "they didn't put any effort into it".

The ps3 cell and the xbox esram are two completely different things. The cell was never before seen tech, esram has been out for years. I know that it will take time for the devs to fully utilize it but to say that this game can't do 1080p on the xbox one because of 32mb of esram is absurd.

Microsoft has created a poor system, that does not deserve the title nextgen, regardless of how people may want to spin that fact it is becoming more and more obvious daily.

This is the consequence for loosing focus and trying to be a damn media box instead of a gaming system that can do media, e.g. ps4.

By your system, enjoy it, it will have great games and you should be happy about that but do not bash sony because they focused on a gaming system that is obviously going to rip the xbox one a new one when it comes to gaming performance. Blame microsoft for that.

darthv721845d ago

the tv i game on is native 720p so i wont really notice a difference between the two. then again, COD isnt about the look its about the gameplay and fun with friends.

both platforms will be a hit among the fans that play it regardless of the specs.

Brix901845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )


"Anybody who thinks X1 cant run Ghosts at 1080p is foolish"

Guess Mark Rubin is foolish then lol..Come on bro not even Crytek which is known for they graphics can get 1080p on X1. Your excuses are weak, now its rushed so I guess PS4 was rushed too and hit 1080 no problem...

Guess you can enjoy those cloud servers though...

805Junior8051845d ago

If they rushed it, than why is 1080p on ps4? And Activision and COD is in MS pocket? How does that make sense? Also, MS threw money at EA for BF and still lower res than PS4. Get used to not buying games for your XboxOne since all the games on there are "rushed" but not rushed on PS4. :)

JokesOnYou1845d ago Show
GarrusVakarian1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

@Jokes on you

Mark Rubin CONFIRMS it to run at 720p on X1 but STILL you deny it and call it a lie?


esemce1845d ago

This does not bode well for the Xbone, we have all seen how basic COD ghosts looks yet it cannot run at [email protected]

You could almost forgive it for the BF4 specs as frostbite 3 is next gen but the COD engine certainly is not.

All the money MS has and they have penny pinched the GPU/CPU in favour of Kinect and buying the exclusivity of third party titles.

So glad I cancelled my Xbone pre order and kept the PS4.

BX811845d ago

I think it's a mix of devs not knowing how to optimize the hardware and hardware made hard to dev for. Either way the system can do 1080p native. To be honest even the next cod looks this gen so I'm not stressing over 720 up scaled.

Brix901845d ago


"I will happily play any good game at 720p"

Don't have to much of choice do

No need to try harder when you make it easy lol

hakeem09961845d ago

As far as hardware goes the Xbox One and the PS4 are not that far apart so software must be an issue for all these downgraded games .It's like the Xbox One became the PS3 .MS needs to rewrite their codes in order to catch up .Titanfall better be native 1080p other games are hitting that mark so it's not impossible .

nypifisel1845d ago

This rather proves it's not as much about GPU prowess and more about that terribly sized ESRAM. 32mb is too small for deferred rendering in any higher resolutions (Cause Xbox One really should be able to play crappy COD just fine if it weren't for the bottleneck ESRAM)

Cernunnos1845d ago

Not only is the gap noticeable, it's HUGE! It's running at twice the amount of pixels.

ThunderSpark1845d ago

Why does someone like "Jokesonyou" have so many bubbles when he continuously spews lies?? The PS4 is obviously the stronger hardware and the multiplats are proving that. I took off my fanboy goggles and as a xbox fan, even I can see the truth.

ziggurcat1845d ago

@ jokes:

if this isn't a sign of the weakness of the xbone hardware compared to the PS4, i don't know what is... and the fact that it's CoD (which isn't the most graphically taxing game coming out) is an even bigger kick to the groin.

JokesOnYou1845d ago Show
ThunderSpark1845d ago


Bro, just stop. Your fanboyism is starting to look really bad.

Reverent1845d ago

In regards to JokesOnYou, there really needs to be a down bubble option for "Lying".

Of course then he wouldn't have any bubbles...

Baka-akaB1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Everyone just know you always have an answer and excuse , whatever happens .

You are told something ? It's a lie

Said "lie" actually proves to be the truth ? They dont know how to use the hardware .

When you dont conveniently stealth edit your first post to twist your original argument .

My post wont stop you , you're in deep involved in your trolling process , either for the lulz of it or religious fervor . I truly hope for you as a human being that you are not that serious , you and your link minded acolytes , and just doing it for fun on your spare time . Anyway enjoy your day and upcoming console

Studio-YaMi1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Some people are still in denial,I know "JokesOnYou" is at least.

You can't reason with a fanboy,no matter how rational you can be,he will still try HARD to convince himself that his "stuff" is the most powerful in the universe.

So now it's a difficulty in programming or devs being lazy? wasn't that the same excuse Sony fans were making last gen with the PS3? and what did Xbox fanboys do? ..yeah,figures!

The tables are turned this gen Xbox Fanboys,if you can't deal with the heat,don't make stupid excuses or run your mouth wildly,the truth of the matter is,PS4 is more powerful than the XboxOne,end of story.

PC is still the most powerful though,that nobody can argue about that at least.

PC + PS4&WiiU(both for fantastic exclusives) are the way to go next gen(if you have the money I mean).

Now simmer down everyone,the battle is likely over,for the first year at least.

Xbox fans,you can thank the "multimedia" for this,Microsoft wants to push sooo much with the XboxOne that it backfired on what is more important for a console .. GAMING!

Have a nice night/day everyone.

jackdaddy1845d ago

As far as I can see, Microsoft is screwing over it's customers by trading this off as next gen. Their core consumers are CoD players who are being offered a sub-standard product and i can't see how you recover from that.

JokesOnYou1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Last words on this thread. No need to PM me hate mail, not even going to read it from the usual suspects...say whatever you like in the comments then Ill read it. Its not going to make me silent or believe the hive-mind.

malokevi1845d ago

I'm definitely getting the PS4 version of COD, then. Bummer, and somewhat perplexing. I had figured that COD should be able to run at 1080p, considering nicer looking games are running at higher res on XB1.

I'm inclined to blame the developers, or possibly hard-to-use architecture... but I would love a no-nonsense explanation from Microsoft. Give it to me straight.

I guess in 3 weeks devs will be free to tell us what the deal is.

ProjectVulcan1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Well technically 1080p isn't 50 percent more than 720p. PS4 has a 56 percent battlefield 4 resolution lead. But This is something else.

Its a 125 percent increase.

One Hundred and Twenty Five.

That is absolutely enormous. It actually shouldn't be that large really. Xbox one should do better based on the disparity in specs.

What it really suggests to me is that Infinity Ward struggled here to get their engine working properly on Xbox one.

PS4 should always really win but this isn't a 50 or 60 odd percent win you would expect, its a total massacre. Ouch.

I_am_Batman1845d ago

I think it might have something to do with Xbox One's EsRAM. If you look at the system requirements for PC it needs a minimum of 6GB for whatever reason (BF4 only needs 4GB minimum). Maybe that's why the Xbox One version has such a low resolution.

Don't get me wrong with the stronger hardware and it's dev friendly architecture I was expecting the PS4 to technically have the superior versions of multiplatform games from day one but 1080p to 720p seems too big of a difference when we assume that effects, details and framerate are identical.

Computersaysno1845d ago

Hell, Wii U fancies its chances at 720p on this game!

Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U

Call an ambulance for Xbox One because its taking a proper beating before its even launched!

XisThatKid1845d ago

For those that missed this nonsense here it goes again.
"Its nothing to do with the "power" of the xbox its just harder to programme for - its like a throw back to 2005 when teams were struggling to utilise the cell properly"
I LOLed repeating it.

ziggurcat1845d ago

@ jokes:

"ziggurcat you basicly explained exactly why your own theory is flawed"

not sure how it was flawed. if CoD isn't that taxing, then why isn't it 1080p on xbone? there's two possible answers here:

a) it's telling of xbone's actual power, and any corner cutting was the result of weaker hardware.

or (and this is the more hopeful answer)

b) IW just really sucks at making games.

however, it makes no logical sense that the xbone version would have been "rushed" - especially when it had a pretty significant spot during the xbone reveal back in May - compared to the PS4 version... unless the PS4 really is that much faster/easier to develop on or the PS4 really is 50% more powerful as the specs on paper suggest (and we don't even know the PS4's CPU clock speed, either...).

AdventurerDonLocke1845d ago


It time to give up on this facade. We know you are an MS Reputation Manager and not a "gamer". It's time to give up on this alt and make another. At least that will buy you some time as we try to figure the next one (probably not long btw).

amiga-man1845d ago

Can somebody pass this information to Albert Panello apparently he doesn't know.

MazzingerZ1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

MSFT was REALLY aiming to the TV box all the time, obviously you can't perform a 180 when it comes to HW and this is the result

I even feel like getting COD (haven't purchased one since COD3 LOL) just to show publishers and devs that we PS4 owners will reward a game taking advantage of the HW we invested in, really guys, Activision and EA knows which is the larger installbase from day one and they don't want to piss them off, I applaud that!!

ThanatosDMC1845d ago

Meh, it's CoD anyway... what are they gonna say about Xbone that Fish AI took too much computing power???

ZombieKiller1845d ago

Reaper youre right. This game is played by casuals for the most part. So who cares about 720 vs 1080p?

I'm just glad to see that PS is getting at least a LITTLE bit of love from Call Of Duty. I feel like they treat the PS brand like a red-headed step child that nobody wants, which could not be further from the truth.

Jazz41081845d ago

called zero optimization on xboxone and a rush job on ms drivers. Things will improve for both next batch I hope.

FamilyGuy1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

A lot of the comments from you guys are hilarious but I'm not really one to bash for the sake of bashing. The significance of this announcement to me is the solace in knowing that they aren't forcing parity.

I'm freakin ecstatic that with this and BF4 both having different resolutions between the PS4 and X1 version it means the devs aren't caving in to "gaming politics" and actually putting out the games in a form the respective hardware can handle. I was concerned about this for months and have been very vocal about it since the first mention of a possible push towards parity.

I say good job EA and Activision for not letting MSs systems shortcomings be forced on Sony gamers.

With this rumor being true I am now a bit concerned with the other negative rumors that have surfaced from NeoGaf recently. Their validity just went up a notch as they were right about cod, bf and even the driveclub delay.

MysticStrummer1845d ago

@Jokes - "Well its a no buy for me because they either rushed it or just didnt put alot of effort into it. The game is not graphically demanding so theres no way it shouldnt be 1080p on X1"

I guess you won't be buying Titanfall either then, but there is a way that makes the difference in resolution explainable, and that's a difference in power. Higher res, better AA, better lighting... if it was a rushed game issue than PS4 wouldn't have these advantages.

@Robear - "Its nothing to do with the "power" of the xbox its just harder to programme for - its like a throw back to 2005 when teams were struggling to utilise the cell properly"

People really need to stop pretending ESRAM is comparable to the Cell in terms of complexity issues. There will be improvement just like there was with the Cell, but the improvement will not be to the same degree.

ABizzel11845d ago



Getting on topic, I know it seems hard to believe that COD is only running at 720p on XBO, but it really depends on what all they're throwing into COD Ghost. Using Black Ops 2, as an example it can really pound GPU's depending on the AA.

Look at these settings

An XBO GPU based on that PC should run BO2 in 1080p, 60fps, 2xMSAA (DEMANDING AA), AO, FXAA, with Medium - High settings

An equivalent PS4 GPU based on that PC should run BO2 in 1080p, 50fps, 8xMSAA (DEMANDING AA), with High settings.

I say "based on that PC" because while the PS4 and XBO have faster RAM, the PC has 1GB of GDDR5 at 96GB/s (which represents the XBO, but XBO has faster RAM than that), and 2GB of GDDR5 153GB/s (which represents the PS4, but PS4 has faster RAM than that). However, the PC has 16GB of DDR3 and a much better CPU.

My guess is the game is 1080p, Ultra settings, 4xAA, and the PS4 can run that easily at 60fps; however, the XBO is going to to struggle, and to get the game flawlessly locked at 60fps they dropped the resolution down to 720p. That's the only explanation I have regarding the resolution, and I'm sure with more time they could have moved it up to 900p, but that's what happens with launch titles.

Autodidactdystopia1845d ago

I am now completely at a loss for words, where on earth does Microsoft get off selling this machine that is clearly clearly falling WAY short of the competition for $500 an extra $100 for a slower system.

This doesn't add up ms needs to drop the price to $400 if not $350 or they are gonna lose their market.

They always say you get what you pay for, clearly this is not the case.

what are they doing? really can someone explain this to me.

morganfell1845d ago

It is utterly ridiculous to equate the Cell with ESRAM. The desperation is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

While you are asking Rubin about 1080p maybe you should ask EA about the X1 stage demo of BF4.

And it is CAPICHE. I know by the time you typed that anger had the better of you but if you are going to ask someone if they understand and choose to do so via Italian slang (Italian - capisci) do not make your question about said understanding more difficult to comprehend.

sinjonezp1845d ago

Want to know something that is funny. Multi platform games ran better on Dreamcast compared to ps2. Games ran better on Xbox over ps2. And Xbox 360 games ran better than ps3. Dreamcast failed, Xbox was a gooD system but couldn't even sneeze at the ps2. The ps3 over time became the system of choice. So who is to say the xbone cannot achieve success? Yes the ps4 is more powerful and I will be getting one. But I will not dog the xbone just cuz of cod and bf4. It is sad to see that the resolutions of these games are the same as current gen and in this day and age, gamers want the best possible experience. The xbone will do fine and their is an audience for that system. I am a gamer and next year everything will be 1080p.

SilentNegotiator1845d ago

You mean that Microsoft and the gang were apprehensive to tell the resolution because it's embarrassingly low? Oh I'm so surprised! /s

The semantics are so predictable.

Woah! Jokes got a "trolling" mark instead of an automatic "Well said" for 10 times as many disagrees as agrees?! Are his other accounts broken, or did his mod pal go on vacation??

AceBlazer131845d ago

@Jokes if your gonna skip every game that doesn't hit 1080p you'll have a very empty xbone collection. killer instinct isn't even hitting it.

MiHX21845d ago

@Robearboy ESRAM is really hard to use.

nosferatuzodd1845d ago

thats why microsot buy out titan fall they need a advantage cuz they have none

AsimLeonheart1845d ago

Xbone: Dat cloud powered balance!

abzdine1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Guess who's behind this. Make some room for the boss:

Kryptix1845d ago

This further confirms that the Xbox One is a rushed console if it can only run a CoD game at 720p native.

We all knew that, well, except the Xbots and I really think a bunch of them will play Xbox Defense Force 2013 to deny this when it has been confirmed.

Wonder what MisterX is thinking right now?

MisterX: Everybody knows less pixels means sharper textures. Ghosts Xbox One version is the best.

...I hope the Xbots eat it up again.

And they do.

FamilyGuy1845d ago

Lol, I checked out that misterx blog recently and the stuff they come up with is just plain ridiculous. You'd think it was all meant as a joke, one enormous list of sarcasm but no. Him and his followers are boarder line insane.

avengers19781844d ago

@ jokesonyou what games run 1080p on the XB1?

Kleptic1844d ago

this is unfortunate...and confirms one of the biggest problems i had with the hardware when the consoles were announced...

2005-2012 Xbox 360 600/60fps in every CoD

2013 Xbox One 720/60fps at least the first one...with freaking identical visuals...

I can't believe anyone would find this acceptable...for a $500 brand new machine that is outperformed by 2 year old mid range gpu's...its unbelievable to me, ESPECIALLY in a game as visually unimpressive as Ghosts...

So i guess the ps4 'wins', if you could call it that...even on PS4, ghosts looks like a dated mess...I'm just blown away that they couldn't get the xbox one to run a last generation game at a higher native resolution...

Boody-Bandit1844d ago

Final straw for me. I've been on the fence being that I'm a huge Forza fan. I am constantly looking for a hint of anything to purchase an XBOX ONE just to play that one game. But COD @720p is simply unacceptable.

$100 more, less power, proprietary hardware (no existing 360 peripherals compatible with X1) and less value for their online service vs their direct competitor.

All signs point to MS was not initially going to release their new hardware this year. Everything about this hardware seems very rushed. Been there, done that with the 360. I'm not taken that ride again. The money I'm saving not getting an X1 will go to more games for the PS4.

GarrusVakarian1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )


"-Yep he said it was running on both X1 and ps4 at 1080p, so he was lying or they rushed the game. Confirmed."

That same eurogamer link? The one that DOESN'T have the developer saying that Call Of Duty is running at 1080p on the X1? Everyone says "IW said its runs at 1080p" but if you actually take the time to read it properly you will notice the only person who says its runs at 1080p is the author of the article, he says "Call Of Duty ghosts will run at 1080p on the X1, IW confirms" but IW doesn't mention 1080p at all in the entire article.

Funny how you tell me that i need to improve my reading skills but you lack the reading skills to tell the difference between a developer saying something and an author of an article saying that the developer said something.

MajorLazer1844d ago

I am genuinely surprised! I knew that the X1 was underpowered but not by this much. Next gen has just started and already a difference, and a graphically lackluster game like CoD too

Drekken1844d ago

I usually mark JOY's comments as "immature" because there isn't a "Full of S**t" option. He isn't really trolling because he believes the BS he types.

He thinks he gets disagrees because of reading comprehension. He gets disagrees because he is an obvious company shill that talks a bunch of BS and expects people to believe it.

I throw my vote in for a "Lying" option when downvoting. Most of the time I push the bubble down option it is because of lies.

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Maddens Raiders1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

50% Stronger
$100USD Cheaper.

And these differences are at launch, imagine the difference in graphical fidelity 3 - 5 years from now (or sooner).