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Xbox 2016 Line-Up Looking Like 2015 Again So Far(OPINION)

Hello to you whoever is reading this blog and thank you for your time. Before I get into the subject of why I wrote this please read it before giving me any labels. Now the reason I'm writing this is because either no one has noticed or they have and don't care but I think it's time to same something. Now, personally, this doesn't effect me and I don't care because I don't really game on Xbox I've always been a PlayStation guy and I respect people who prefer Xbox but I still feel the need to get my opinion out and see what people have to say.

On to the subject. 2015 has passed and it's a new year, and everyone(myself included) are eagerly waiting new games that we hope don't get delayed. Now last year towards the end the community forums were loaded with people debating on who had the better exclusive line up between the Xbox and PS4. Even though anyone with logic would assume the obvious( Xbox gamers say Xbox and PS gamers say PS4) there was still some pretty heavy arguments. Now when people debated a lot of PS gamers called out MS for having no BIG games for the first nine months of the year except for remastered as and indies, whereas PS had Bloodborne, MLB, The Order, and Until dawn. And Xbox gamers called out Sony for having no games during the holidays but remastered and indies, whereas they had Halo and Forza. Now one thing I took notice was that Xbox gamers looking at MS line up for 2016 they were sure MS wouldn't repeat the same mistake and would have BIG games throughout the year. I said to myself "cool, have fun Xbox guys, hopefully Sony has BIG games in the holidays next year".

Fast forward to this year after the unfortunate news of Scalebound being delayed and Recore comfirmed coming to PC. MS released a list of exclusives for their platform. Now the list could change over time but their list included Gears 4, Halo Wars 2, Quantum Break, Crackdown 3, Recore, Sea of Thieves and anticipated indies. Now I noticed that Sea of Thieves and Recore both lost their spring release date for a generic 2016 date. Leaving just QB as the only BIG Xbox game for the first four months where Sony has R&C, MLB, and UC4. Now before people say "what about KI season 3 or fable legends" I'm only talking exclusives., KI season 3 is DLC and fable legends is on PC which means it's not exclusive. Same thing applies to games like SF5 and such. Now there's no way MS is gonna announce a BIG exclusives in the upcoming months but BIG game exclusive wise, Xbox looks pretty dry for the first few months like last yet and Sony has a few BIG games for the first half. Now Sony could very well have a repeat of last year with a dry holiday season, we don't know but we're not talking about the holiday season which is months away, we're talking about now. Like the title says MS 2016 line up is looking like 2015 again so far with very few BIG games first half of the year and Sony having a decent first half.

Now like I said it doesn't affect me but that doesn't mean I want Xbox gamers to be dry of exclusives. And I also want the opinion of other people especially on the xbox gamers who said MS would have games throughout the year, I wanna know their stance and how they feel so far about this. This isn't a fanboy article just an opinion, so don't light the torches. Have a great year gaming and let's have our fingers crossed that our most anticipated games don't get delayed.....AGAIN -_-

Doabarrelroll3107d ago

Please forgive any spelling mistakes. This is my first blog I hope to improve in the future. Again thank you for reading

TFJWM3103d ago

Good work. One thing thou, you say you only want to count games that are not coming to the PC but Halo wars 2, recore and sea of thieves all have PC releases now

star_lancer3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

"whereas PS had Bloodborne, MLB, The Order, and Until dawn."

"Leaving just QB as the only BIG Xbox game for the first four months where Sony has R&C, MLB, and UC4"

When did MLB become a PS4 exclusive? MLB 15 was on THREE platforms (PS3, PS4 & Vita), and I'm quite certain you won't need a PS4 to play MLB 16.

You go out of your way to minimize Xbox one games that are scheduled to appear on another MS platform (Windows), but you don't do the same for Sony. How can you possibly say you are "just stating facts"? You are clearly ignoring the FACTS that don't suit your purposes. It's a FACT that MLB the Show is multi-platform, and always has been, yet you list it TWICE with other PS4 exclusives.

Sorry, but this is nothing but a biased fanboy blog.

Doabarrelroll3095d ago

Windows is on PC which isn't a MS platform, PC has never been or will be a MS platform, ask any REAL PC gamer and they'll say the samething. I'm willing to call games on PS3/360 etc exclusives which is why I don't discredit games like FH2, gears of war ultimate edition, hell even rare replay. There is no agenda here or moving facts to fit my purpose, again clearly stating facts has offended you guys and your trying to look at ever little detail to try and turn this into some fanboy article, which it isn't. There is no bias, clearly you missed the part I wrote where I said Sony could have a dry holiday season AGAIN, but of course you ignore that and angrily look at everything else, because what I said is true and angers you deeply. Now that I've proven you wrong with facts, what goal post will you move now -_- I'll say it again, Sony CAN have a very DRY holiday season AGAIN, BUT we're not talking about the holidays right now, we're talking about the first few months of the year. Get it

star_lancer3095d ago

Any way you try to spin it, Windows IS a MS platform. While MS doesn't make PC's, ONLY a PC with Windows will play MS games. Therefore, a PC with Windows is a MS platform. Only people who want to win the "my list of games is bigger than yours" game will deny it.

You haven't proven anything except the FACT that Sony fanboys (especially here on N4G) will say ANYTHING to make their console seem superior.

Your line about the "unfortunate news of Recore coming to PC" says it all about you. Why is it unfortunate that MS supports it's platforms? Will the existence of a Windows version make the Xbox version weaker? Just like MLB requires a Sony platform to play on, Recore will require a MS platform.

3095d ago
Wallstreet373093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

You guys kill me with that bs narrative that N4G is a pro Sony site lol open your eyes 90% of the neutral sites are pro Sony after Microsfts botched message of what the Xbone was, their 180's and their anti consumer bs. Almost all sites i go to nowadays seem to have a more vocal Sony majority, do you know why? duh because their are way more PS4's being sold. Let me guess? all those criticizing Microsft are have always been Sony fans lol no buddy alot of slack against Xbone has actually come from ppl who switched from Xbox 360 to Ps4 so lets cut all the conspiracy theories about this site.

The only ppl who have to blame for the change in the tides is Microsfts themselves with their bs. The only reason Kinect is gone and their anti consumer crap, turned to consumer love are these same vocal fanboys on this site and others.

Besides that Ps4 lineup for this year is insane. I wont have enough money to buy all the games and ther is no competition on that front.

donthate3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Sorry, but your argument is quite flawed. Here is why:

a) You consider games released on PC as non-exclusive, which is ridiculous. PC is by almost all accounts a MS platform and if you are discussing PS4 vs Xbox One (which this article insinuates), then PC is irrelevant. A game available on one platform is not on the other, and that should be the benchmark. You wouldn't say a game available on PS Vita and PS4 as a non-exclusive would you? Oh wait, you did with MLB. For all intensive purposes, SFV is also an (console) exclusive.

b) When a game releases in a year isn't really that important. Why? In the Spring, you are still playing games from the Holiday and it isn't like games released in the Spring isn't playable during Holiday season. This is apart from the fact that 3rd party games are also releasing. Big shoutout to The Division for me. Thus the important question is do you have games releasing, which brings me to the next point.

c) Games releasing aren't as important as, games you care about! It doesn't matter if you have gazillion AAA games you don't care about, or in a genre you don't like. You might like indie's, or you might like racing, or you might like shooters, or all of them.

So to answer your question, as an Xbox One gamer (and PS4 owner), I don't care about when it releases really. I do think it is a little bit more exciting around Holiday releases because I'm more likely to buy games and there are more sales, but it has little impact.

What I do care about, are games I like coming out and I have games to play. Right now, I have a backlog and look forward to Gears 4, Quantum Break, ReCore, Overwatch and The Division. I also look forward to Uncharted 4, but less so because Uncharted Collection is in my backlog.

I also care about the excitement of the platform. PS4 has PS VR and Xbox One has Cloud Compute. PC has VR, and likely Cloud Compute shortly afterwards.

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Tsunade3106d ago

That's the truth. Not to mention that Quantium Break has a big chance of being a flop too.

FlexLuger3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

That could be said of any game that has yet to be reviewed and has yet to be available to the public. Remedy have pedigree. A history...a track record, for making great games....yet peeps are all hyped for no mans sky (myself included) from a dev who's last game was....joe danger. hardly an illustrious dev history..I could go on...horizon looks like it could be a good game...but it could flop based on GGS own inability to design a game with unque mechanics or any real sense of identity, EG. the killzone franchise.

but yeah..theres a big chance that the game being made by the devs who have made classics ( max payne, alan wake)...A dev who have proven time and time again that they understand game mechanics, will falter /s

Its amazing what blind fanboys tell themselves to sleep better...


"Is this allowed?"

I was wondering the same thing...If I wrote a 'blog' with this EXACT SAME rhetoric, it would not pass , and I would be getting all kinds of shite in the comments... guess when the shoe is on the other foot.....well done N4G. once again you prove to xbox gamers why we should not spend much time on this site. signing out.

FlexLuger3097d ago

LOL...are you sure this isnt fanboy article?

"Leaving just QB as the only BIG Xbox game for the first four months where Sony has R&C, MLB, and UC4."

"Now like I said it doesn't affect me but that doesn't mean I want Xbox gamers to be dry of exclusives. And I also want the opinion of other people especially on the xbox gamers who said MS would have games throughout the year"

for someone not affected by it you sure do have a lot to say about it....I dont think xbox gamers were this concerned that they had to write a blog about it when there were ZERO big exclusives on PS4 during the fall but ok, Ill bite....

Im not bothered about the lack of "big" games in the first few months of this year. means I finally get around to playing RoTR and fallout 4. I havent touched neither yet because FM6, halo 5, FH2, neverwinter, elite:dangerous,SMITE my closed betas of gigantioc and fable:legends and the digital deluxe version of SSOD ( how many oif those can you play on your PS4?) have been taking up my time and Im still deeply engrossed in these games. They will keep me occupied until QB, inside, below, cuphead, ashen, project solus, recore and crackdown 3 show up...and in between those I still have some great third party games to look forward too, like the division and DIRT rally.

But let me guess....Im supposed enjoy some of those games less because they also happen to be on PC? should PS4 fans be less enthusiastic about street fighter 5, the witness and no mans sky, then? or does that not quite so neatly fit into the agenda behind your post?

"I also want the opinion of other people especially on the xbox gamers who said MS would have games throughout the year, I wanna know their stance and how they feel so far about this."

lol at the fake want to hear from an xbox gamer? Ok...This probably isnt the answer you was hoping for, but Im happy with my preferred console. I love the games that are currently like halo and forza have a way of making the time pass, especially when they are accompanied by other great games. I dont care about what is on PC. if we really go there...most people dont even own a PC with descent enough specs, to play these games at descent setting at even 30FPS...but thats none of my concern anyway. only what I can enjoy on my xbox.Im happy with the games that are coming out..and as for delays...shit happens. Its not like MS had us waiting seven years for a game ( the last guardian) only for it to show up looking like an up rezzed x360 game...

PS fanboys and their..."conern" for xbox gamers....N4G is a funny place for sure...

Doabarrelroll3096d ago

I clearly wrote its and opinion piece, I don't see what's so fanboy about it. I was only stating facts, which apparently touched one of your nerves, so much you had to list every game you bought in the last year for your point. Good for you. If you feel it's fake concern that's on you I still stand by what I say. I clearly said SF5 and such aren't exclusives because it's on PC so I don't see your argument. I'm talking about REAL exclusives which Xbox IS in fact lacking the first half on the year. Nice shot at the TLG don't know why you had to include that in your anger. As for your usual "media bias against Xbox gamers" statement, because you guys LOVE playing victim. Why don't you go ahead and write and article if I was a MOD I'd approve, its free speech after all. Instead of whining and complaining go and write a blog. Once again, what I stated is fact. I also said the samething for Sony that they could possibly have another holiday with a lack of BIG games as well, so again no fanboying, just stating facts

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LG_Fox_Brazil20h ago

Ain't paying jack. MS were the ones who put themselves into this situation

Jin_Sakai20h ago

No thanks. I’ll stick with PlayStation and Nintendo.

Obscure_Observer15h ago

Imo, Gamepass is just too good to ignore so I don´t give damn about the price hike.

As an Ultimate subscriber since day one, I´ll stick with Ultimate and play many of the most exciting and amazing upcoming AAA games from both XGS and third party developers day one!

Let´s go!

purple1013h ago

imagine subscribing for all these years in wait for greatness, then being served up Luke warm Starfail and Redfail and a bug filled Forza 8, with less tracks than the older one,

all while paying $15, for months on end,

PhillyDonJawn1h ago

You forgot getting fed Outerworlds, Gears, Forza Horizon, Halo, Stalker, Ori, MLB, Yakuza, Doom eternal, Ea access. sound like good eating to me

DivineHand12551m ago(Edited 51m ago)

It's mostly day-one 3rd party releases on Game Pass. Xbox sparsely releases 1st party titles as you all know. Several day-one titles are being released this month and none of them are 1st party

Eonjay1h ago


What price would be too high for you? Is there such a thing?

PhillyDonJawn1h ago

$30 a month. That's too much at that point. Till then price hike don't effect me. Just got 4 3 months card for $31 a piece

Einhander197210h ago

I bet the standard tier turn into the wasteland that games with gold was before they turned it into game pass so they wouldn't have to give away monthly games or anything you could keep and boost subscribers numbers so Phil could release numbers months after they said they weren't going to reveal numbers anymore. (totally not another lie of course...)

Elda3h ago

It was inevitable. Folks have to realize any & everything goes up in price, no matter what it is.

jznrpg2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Agreed but they said it would not go up because of the acquisition and it clearly went up because of it. If they didn’t BS so much it wouldn’t be as big of a deal imo,

Elda44m ago

Any company saying that is BS, it should definitely go in one ear & out the other. Again....prices go up eventually no matter what it is.