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November N4G Rewards Ending Sunday Midnight EST

Hello everyone.

Reminder that we are still doing the November N4G Rewards -- https://n4g.com/user/blogpo... -- Until Sunday night. Afterwards, we will calculate our top 100 users and choose a winner at random.

It is likely that we will take December off to move to a fresh start on January 1st, 2024 for a more streamlined monthly period of Rewards.

We really appreciate everyone's help to get content on the site, approve it, and to share your thoughts on the news.

Thank you,

Chocoburger197d ago

Hmm? So the November Rewards period ends on December 10th and not on November 30th? Will the winner be contacted privately, or will it be announced in a blog post?

Also I've asked before, and my question remained unanswered. If BGFG employees are not allowed to win, yet they still show up in the top 100 listings, when their names are removed from the top 100, are the users below 100 (such as 101, and 102) then bumped up into the 'finalized top 100 list'?

Snookies12197d ago

Is there a date/time to expect the results?


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