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N4G Security Issue

Update 2: One of the founders of BGFG, owners of N4G has posted an update >> https://n4g.com/user/blogpo...
Update: We are recommending that users reset their password here on N4G and anywhere else that they would use the same username, password, and/or email combination.

There may be site downtime in the next few hours to work on this issue.

Thank you,


Hello everyone.

Not the news we want to present today, but there is a security issue with accounts on N4G. We are not aware of how far it goes or how much it affects everyone, but we want to make sure you know that we are aware of it currently and are investigating it.

For now, to protect yourself, we do suggest resetting your password on N4G.

As the BGFG Team works to narrow down the issues, we will update you with any additional information.

Thank you,

darthv72196d ago

I wondered why i was seeing this:


N4G is garbage. Your account data is not secure here.

Visit www.ResetEra.com instead!

If you use your N4G password on other accounts, you should change them immediately! Un-encrypted passwords and emails will be on the dark web Dec 25.

purple101196d ago

I saw this December 25th on another post just now.

How does he know it's going to be the 25th. Haha. Or is it a figure of speech, so to speak

All seems fishy to me anyhowm

thorstein196d ago

Well, if we reset our passwords here, they will still be available to whoever has access to N4G's administration. So changing them here does nothing.

But I am definitely looking through to see if I have any other similar passwords elsewhere and changing them.

OtterX196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

My question is, why hasn't the account posting these things been banned yet? It was something like OtaconStealth, which then changed their account name to ResetEra. The account was only made 3 days ago. Even now, the weird Update messages are still there. I was watching it and reporting the account, and there was a huge back and forth between them and the mods, where the message would get taken down, then it would pop up again... over and over. Why didn't the account get a ban? That would have stopped the back and forth, yes?

Profchaos196d ago

What would a ban achieve would the attacker suddenly not leak data because his account got banned

Stanjara196d ago

Ever since N4g was bought and had a merger or whatever... Christopher appeared as the Liquid Boss, and things went south.

Slow site loading, error timeouts, crazy video ads... and now this.

Wtf are you doing over there?

monkey602196d ago

The ads on N4G have been excruciating long before the merger. The site is near impossible to navigate at times.
If this breach causes users to lose passwords then good luck to them because there is NO technical support here. No matter how many tickets you raise. They go ignored.


For the ads just use Ublock Origin extension. There will be no ads at all anywhere on this site or other sites😁

Profchaos196d ago

I blocked sound on n4g in my browser was the only thing for my sanity

Amplitude196d ago

Even with adblock I loaded it tday and saw the "N4G Security Issue" post and tried to click it 20 times but there was an invisible full screen ad with a really tiny x blocking me from clicking the article lmao i love this site

-Foxtrot196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

I think some issues happened before the site was bought but for real, this site has gotten worse and worse

More bugs, more issues, but don't worry we got way more adverts....funny that

OtterX196d ago

Yea, look at the top of this post, Christopher is now a "Guest", no longer NetworkManager. It's fair to say N4G is dead. The old crew is on its way out. I knew this BGFG buyout was a bad thing. :\

Christopher196d ago

Just FYI, that was done to eliminate my account and others from detecting the severity of the issue. Not as a means of pushing us out at this time.

OtterX196d ago

@Christopher ok good to hear!

OtterX196d ago

One of my stories was also scrubbed from existence, about Ubisoft accidentally launching the Beyond Good and Evil Remaster early and unfinished. Like, it's not even listed in Failed. It's as if it never existed, and my monthly points for it disappeared.

I'm assuming this was done by the hacker to prevent it from taking top story spot, as it was #2 (after the GTA Trailer was removed)

It's pretty funny though, bc the BG&E article talked about Ubisoft going to extended lengths to cover up their mistake online. Let's blame the N4G hack on Ubisoft! 😆😆

Profchaos196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

I'm sorry to see it happen to the site and I hope that everybody gets away unscathed.

If anyone has recycled their passwords absolutely reset them everywhere not just here we may not know for certain if they were exported and I'm sure n4g isn't exactly going to have a incident response team so just take the precaution of changing your details everywhere you can.

If Christopher does see this it's probably worth telling people to reset to a unique combination on every account rather than just n4g

kitano1947196d ago

PWNED! all the zoom zooms with the same passwords for everything better get busy!