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BGFG announces acquisition of N4G

BGFG (By Gamers, For Gamers) today announces the acquisition of N4G.com - as well as the entertainment partner site, Filmwatch.com, the anime-focused AnimeShinbun.com, and the tech website Techspy.com

The deal, which also includes the websites’ social channels across Facebook, Twitter and more, further expand BGFG’s presence in gaming and technology, as well as giving the company a strong foothold in the growing entertainment sector.

First and foremost, the team at BGFG will work closely with the existing N4G community manager, Christopher Goodno, his team of moderators and the community, to help improve the site and make it even more enjoyable and intuitive - putting the community first.

This will include numerous UX fixes, performance tweaks, improved personalisation and more with the aim of creating the premier community for gamers to get their news.

Andrew Kirkcaldy, CEO at BGFG, said: "When the opportunity came up to buy N4G, we couldn’t say no. This has long been a fantastic, thriving community and we are confident we can work closely with the great team in place there to help fully realise its potential.”

N4G co-founder, Vegard Aure, said: "We started N4G over 15 years ago with one simple goal, to create the most up-to-date news portal for gamers.

“For almost two decades the site has been the home to one of the most vibrant and active online gaming communities, and we look forward to seeing the N4G community continue to thrive as part of the BGFG family going forward.”

N4G Community manager Christopher added: "I look forward to this new partnership as we have discussed efforts to improve the user experience and the site's ability to ensure that you are getting the news you want to see and are encouraged to discuss games with those who love them as much as we do."

Official Press Release at https://www.bgfg.co.uk/news...

Retroman407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

I bet "Nothing " will change if so
Bring back the 5 Bubbles.

Ri0tSquad407d ago

Ahh, yes. I agree. Bring back the bubble system. It increased engagement.

Godmars290407d ago

It does?

Even as you lose them for s**tposts and trolling?

Sonic1881407d ago

I agree. There are a lot of trolls on here

TheEnigma313406d ago

Bubble system needed work. I lost bubbles just because someone didn't agree

FinalFantasyFanatic406d ago

I don't know about that idea, sometimes people would lose bubbles just because they didn't agree, especially when we talk about divisive topics or just have opinions that split the community into two.

blackbeld406d ago

Agreed! Please bring back the bubble system.

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Christopher407d ago

We know there are going to be a lot of questions. Please feel free to ask them here or PM me directly. It has already been expressed to the new team of owners that you lot are a people of action and not words.

darthv72407d ago

The question on everyone's mind right now....

will there be a return of the open zone?

Christopher407d ago

It will be one of my items of mention as a good number of the community did enjoy it. Other than that, I can't say. There are a lot of features previously discussed in long-off blogs from the community that are being rewritten and submitted to the new team currently.

VenomUK407d ago

I’ve been on N4G since the PS3/360 bubbles days. I love it because you get breaking news fast and as it’s from many different websites you hear different voices without the over-restrictive editorial narrative of one media outlet. Also, the N4G community. It’s a mix of different people from different backgrounds and I like that we can get together to talk, troll and enjoy our love of games. I wish N4G the best in this new chapter and I hope it retains the best bits of what makes it unique and feel like home.

Rocketisleague407d ago

I've been here since...jesus..2006? 2007? Ps3's E3 reveal and the ****storm that followed it. I miss my 1 bubble, 1 comment. No chance to defend from trolls, because I was also a troll. God the memories. Fair play being bought Christopher and co, well deserved

TheMART405d ago

Bring back the Open Zone and the 5 bubbles, yeah!

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SullysCigar407d ago

I hope you like your new boss! ;op

343_Guilty_Spark407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

Will you have others to help you moderate?

Christopher407d ago

The goal is to reduce the need for moderation, not just pile more people onto the problem.

Lavitz1989406d ago

The site already has lots of wannabe mods like Maximus Prime. Don't need more moderators.

deleted407d ago

Congrats to you guys. I hope you guys will fight to keep N4G from losing its identity. For better or for worse, N4G provides a unique service in bringing many gaming news sources into one convenient place. The comment section can get rowdy, a lot of clickbait articles pass through, and the spambots keep trying to tear down the walls like the Walking Dead....... but I love this place. It's been my preferred source of gaming news for over 10 years now. I hope this acquisition will help combat the aforementioned issues, while not dumbing down this nice system of conglomerated news sources. I'm hopeful for this, and most importantly I hope N4G gains ground as the #1 place for gamers to get their daily gaming news. Let's take this to the next level, without selling out, alright? ;) Cheers! 🥳

shinoff2183407d ago


You'll get a rowdy crowd almost everywhere on the internet. It's not to bad here like some places I've seen.

Same as you though I've been coming here for years upon years and it's the best news spot.

crazyCoconuts407d ago

@christopher are you staying on in the same capacity?

Stanjara407d ago

Been here since the beginning, since bubbles.

Congrats and I hope that you guys don't change much.

Business as usual.

derek407d ago

What was the purchase price? Are they looking to alter how this website operates substantially?


Congrats Christopher! Going forward, please consider requiring everyone who clicks the disagree button to leave a reply that substantiates "why" they disagreed with you. This promotes conversation, which should be purpose of the comments section.

-Foxtrot407d ago

Or you could just get rid of the disagrees

Most of the time they might agree but they have a personal vendetta toward you as a person so they’ll just hit the disagree button

Also hopefully it will reduce people reply with off topic comments about you as a user than why you are wrong

Gamingsince1981407d ago


No one likes that youtube removed the dislike button why would anyone want that here ? If peoples feelings get hurt by a thumbs down maybe the internet or people in general aren't the best thing for them. People disagree , people agree, hiding one for feelings is a stupid idea.

-Foxtrot407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

I think YouTubes videos compared to this sites comments are a little different

shinoff2183407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

Logic wins

I'd be down for that. You want to disagree tell me why atleast.


As you just found out lol

Nacho_Z406d ago

I think it'd be a good idea if it was publicly visible who had agreed/disagreed with a comment. If anything it would be helpful regarding toxicity and agendas.

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-Foxtrot407d ago

Will there be a little N4G verification check we can show off :’)

I kid

But do you think there will be a return to competition prizes and the like? The one you did a while back at Christmas with the pictures was good.