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N4G Guideline Update

Hello everyone.

We reviewed one of our guidelines regarding Spam and Self-Promotional content and have adjusted it to include a bit more as well as to note that the moderation team at N4G will be focusing more on moderating content directly and specifically to the guidelines as written.

You can find the update at with the following text updated specifically as follows:

.: Spam and Self-Promotion Content
N4G does not allow any content that self-promotes a service or product, such as specific video game apps or gaming gear. We do not allow news about updates to a site, contests sites are running that are not sponsored by a developer or publisher, or similar content. Self-promotion includes having ads or links on other pages of the site that would self-promote a service or product.

N4G does allow game deal submissions but will fail any that are deemed to be less informative, minor in detail or purpose, and more about spamming affiliate links or the like that would generate revenue for the site in question. We also only accept links to official promotions from a platform that links directly to an official store page promoting the sale and not a news site listing each item in the sale.

Sites deemed to be made solely to advertise such things will be banned and prevented from submitting content altogether.


If you have questions or concerns, please PM me directly or ask below.

Thank you,

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neutralgamer199240d ago ShowReplies(1)
crazyCoconuts39d ago

Do we consider this pattern as self-promotion?
Product X is great
To buy product X here's a link to their site
Link contains revenue sharing token

Christopher39d ago

If it's really just saying "buy this product with our affiliate link" then that's not going to be allowed. If it's a real review about a specific product and a reasonable amount of words written about it, then likely it's fine. If it's a page filled with multiple products with a few lines about each one and affiliate links for each product, no.

Stanjara39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

How about a site that says "20 best PS1 games of all time",
but when you click on the site, every game is a separate page with ads, and click on the next game is a page reload, counting as a web visit?

We all know what they are doing here.

Also off topic, sometimes you have a review of a game and only platform listed is Xbox... because reviewer played it on xbox.

...but he "forgot" to put all platforms in a preview page that the game is available on, promoting actually Xbox not the game.

That's N4g responsibility am I right? (That blue hashtags before -view the full story-click)

Don't get me wrong, they put only Switch also.

I lose interest, than later that week I find out the game is actually multiplatform and I can buy it for my system.

Mr_cheese39d ago

Great point! Websites that display their content across multiple pages for clicks and ad revenue are trash.

It's a tought one I guess. Does N4G outright ban them and take away the choice of viewing? Or do they maybe add a new warning *multiple pages* on the preview/comments page

Asplundh39d ago

You're relying on N4G article tags to determine which system a game is available on? 🫤

Stanjara39d ago

Yes, not relying but a quick look at the tags gives you muddy idea.
Sea of Stars for example.

If the tags are there they should be accurate, if not then remove them completely.

Christopher39d ago

***How about a site that says "20 best PS1 games of all time",***

That's something we can review, but tends to fall under "we don't tell sites how to create their content." I agree, it's annoying, but if the content otherwise matches then it matches. We kind of hope that users learn to avoid those sites and, hopefully, in the future you can do just that on your own page where you can ignore certain sources if you want.

***sometimes you have a review of a game and only platform listed is Xbox... because reviewer played it on xbox.***

Reviews are by platform, kind of like how some sites have posted different scores for PS/Xbox content in the past. Previews are general and typically all platforms. It is our responsibility to moderate those as needed and sometimes I just fix things.

Honestly, it's more helpful to ensure that the people who look at reviews are getting a review that actually is tied to their platform of choice and not just a blanket review that may not mention issues specific to a platform.

***I lose interest, than later that week I find out the game is actually multiplatform and I can buy it for my system.***

If that wasn't a review, that was a failure on the submission. We can do our best, but some get through and even new games we just don't know either unless we specifically search for it.

Christopher39d ago

Stanjara, just to note, if you go to a game tag's page, you should be able to filter from the "All" drop-down and see the platforms upon which it is or will be released.


Stanjara39d ago

Yes, I understand that both of issues go under a radar.

Thank You for answering and continue great work with this website.

It really is a great value for gaming.

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dumahim39d ago

So with the update, are we still going to see the weekly Amazon Price Slash articles or will they need to change it up?

Christopher39d ago

No. The site is in a transition phase and the new team is looking for ways to get people similar info without it taking up real estate on the home page as it has.

Double_O_Revan39d ago

I definitely don't have a problem with articles for game sales. While this is primarily a News site, I have found so many deals over the years because of the articles that have been posted on this site. And I would have missed them otherwise.

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