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BGFG Presents: N4G Wish List

Update: Just to note, if you like a feature, you should click the '^' for the item to add your vote for it. Don't just comment! Thank you. ~Christopher

Hello N4G people.

BGFG has put together a Wish List of items and they're asking for your help in prioritizing what should be accomplished as well as suggesting new features for N4G.

To see the list, head over to . You can log in and vote on the features you want on N4G. As things are updated, you will get email updates on the progress of what's happening on the Wish List. Return anytime to update or vote on new items.

If you have other suggestions, you can either submit feedback from the Wish List (click the '+' sign on the upper right), comment below, send me a PM, or submit a ticket from .

BGFG hopes that by using this Wish List they can give you the chance to help shape N4G moving forward.

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gangsta_red53d ago

Would love to see the return of following people. I believe you could add friends and follow them. I think I saw this type of feature when I first joined.

DOMination-53d ago

You could also ignore people which was a pain in the arse for trolls like me. Please don't bring that feature back!

VenomUK53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I will definitely give feedback... once I have time to make a new ProductLife account to give the feedback.

Personally, I'd rather NOT have the ability to sort comments on upvote ranking because then you have people gaming the system, or just saying stuff that they know will be popular, regularly there are some great comments that are not upvoted.

But definitely 1 to 10 fractions on reviews and comment hyperlinks.

Ninver53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Haha self proclaimed. I admire your honesty.

Lore53d ago Show
Lightning7753d ago

"Users have fedback that people focus more on downvotes to disagree rather than participating in the conversation, this is exacerbated by the fact that guest accounts can also upvote/downvote."

The upvote and downvote system definitely needs changing. We need to encourage better conversations instead of a ton of downvotes with out reason and control the tribalistic behavior.

Christopher53d ago

Tribalistic behavior isn't going to change because of the upvote/downvote removal. And there are a lot of ways this could go. It was added because people suggested it, but it may not actually create better conversations at all and result in people doing quick comments or just leaving the site entirely because they would rather not deal with certain commenters who have very strong opinions.

Nyxus53d ago

Yeah if I'm being honest I don't feel like replying to every troll. Sometimes I'd rather just leave a downvote.

RauLeCreuset53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Yup. What you and Nyxus said.

You had an exchange recently that I felt was a good example of why the disagree option needs to stay. Without getting too specific, you countered someone, who accused others of having a bad interpretation, by replying with an argument supported by direct links as evidence of what the subject had said. Did that sway the person you were replying to? No, they just doubled down on their original position. Not every argument (or commenter, honestly) is worthy of engagement beyond hitting the disagree.

Neonridr53d ago

problem is oftentimes people were being downvoted based on their reputation, not what was said.

Christopher53d ago

***problem is oftentimes people were being downvoted based on their reputation, not what was said.***

At least that public opinion doesn't stop them from being shown or lessen their ability to communicate, though. If the upvotes/downvotes do nothing to hamper conversation, then who cares why people vote one way or another? The words are still there.

I think there's a fixation on votes because people want to say what they want without having that public opinion shown.

And, what about the comments below the main comment? How are people supposed to feel with one gets hidden down below the main comment but is liked more? Is it fair to have comments shown based on who made what comment first and then ignore public opinion of that comment entirely?

RauLeCreuset53d ago

"If the upvotes/downvotes do nothing to hamper conversation, then who cares why people vote one way or another?"


1) People who have an unhealthy investment in the appearance of having their public comments validated, or not challenged, by other randos on the internet.


2) People who want to engage in bad faith commentary without those annoying disagree indicators to challenge its credibility or distinguish it from good faith commentary.

Lightning7753d ago

I like to bring facts and links as well as rumors. I'm a numbers guy definitely. I bring good or bad rumors no matter the game or system. Yet still get downvoted because I guess I'm hurting their feelings?

I've even noticed somebody was even following my post and downvoting for no reason. ppl are definitely have extremists behavior.

I accurately predicted Redfall was early May, I reported Tango game works was going to show something at Xbox Direct. Even accurately predicted when MS was gonna announce their showcase also based off the timeline of when they'll have their showcase.

I want to be that guy with the most accurate info as possible. Still get DV'd for some reason. I think something needs to happen with the up and downvote system.

Lore53d ago

Can I ask why my comment above was marked as “inappropriate?” Assuming you as a mod permitted this

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BrainSyphoned53d ago

You say this like there are rational things to respond to the 40+ downvote getters.

RauLeCreuset53d ago

Exactly. Some of the people pushing to get rid of it want to do so because they want to be able to push bad faith narratives without losing credibility. I'm not saying that Lightning falls into that category, but I know there have been one or more who pushing to get rid of the disagrees who had the name of their account changed after earning a reputation through antagonistic behavior. At some point you deserve to live with the reputation you earned. Best believe bad faith actors are just waiting for that feature to go away so they can spread nonsense and appear little more credible to users who aren't as familiar with them who otherwise would have scrutinized those comments more if the disagrees were there.

Stanjara53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Voting system is fine, just add a reply to every... reply.

Stanjara53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

You see, like cant reply on this.
Or maybe this is good to end a pointless discussion or start a fight.

SenorFartCushion53d ago

The upvotes and downvotes on this comment prove the comment’s point.

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-Foxtrot53d ago

Can we have a feature where articles submitted can be tagged as rumour / speculation, like maybe a special outline, colour or something to the article so people know it’s something based off supposed leakers.

Just it’s not allowed at the minute but sometimes these things do come true but at least this way we can point out something if it’s just speculation until it’s confirmed rather than not letting it on the site at all. Maybe amber for speculation, green for confirmed and red for disproven/fake. Remember when we had that little bar “do you believe this rumour”…that was fun.

Christopher53d ago

They are posted ar rumors as far as news types. Would it help you if there was a color coordination to the news types?

-Foxtrot53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I mean I know we have a rumour tag but it’s never used as much and they still get failed because it’s too speculative or because of source

However if we take those ones that wouldn’t get through and make sure it’s not “crap crap” but more “here’s a fun bit of speculation / rumour that’s making the rounds, what do you think real or fake” I think it would be cool for discussions on here.

If it’s fake then at least there was a warning system in place to not look into it

Lifexline53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I agree sometimes there are rumors that almost every other gaming website is running. Except this website because they say no source or unknown source as a report. But then why is their a rumor tag if they don’t seem to be allowed. If i submit a story that’s a rumor it always gets reported and ends up getting failed.

I definitely agree with the spam filter it’s ridiculous when a game release and this website seems to be flooded by reviews of just one game and other better stories get drowned by it. When most people don’t even look at the majority of those reviews with the exception of the big gaming websites like ign or game spot.

darthv7253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I know what you mean. Many times rumors turn out to be true but due to the anonymous sources... they dont get into the site to be discussed. That should change. There are reasons why an anonymous source wants to remain anonymous but the info can still be corroborated. So that makes the rumor true despite not knowing the identity of the source.

If they are going to continue to have the rumor tag, they can at least allow anonymous sources as a valid point to why something is being labeled as "rumor".

Eonjay53d ago

Actually I find that most rumors are false, unsubstantiated, fanboy conspiracies, misleading, gross embellishments, speculative clickbait, hit jobs, fear mongering, recycled disproven content, or glorified opinion pieces/dreams.

Don't believe me, check out YouTube. Every little mention of every game/developer/hardware from every corner of 4chan gets a spotlight.
We don't need that. Or maybe a wild speculation section but it separate and it shouldn't be treated or validated as news. N4Gs policies keeps most of it at bay.

This is News for gamers not wild speculation for gamers. If that's what you are seeking portals like 4chan and YouTube provide that content in excess.

RauLeCreuset53d ago


It would get weaponized so fast to spread FUD or "both sides" away bad news for one console or another.

-Foxtrot53d ago

“ This is News for gamers not wild speculation for gamers. If that's what you are seeking portals like 4chan and YouTube provide that content in excess.”

No one is saying to flood the place just ease up on it and make these pages obvious visually what they are

Christopher53d ago

***No one is saying to flood the place just ease up on it and make these pages obvious visually what they are***

Who decides what gets in and what doesn't? We have to have rules and guidelines, as people express constantly. What Eonjay and RauLeCreuset bring up is why we have the rules we have now as opposed to the end of the 360/PS3-era where people were rumoring about stacked motherboards and companies buying out people or making deals that never existed. It was more open in the past, but it was a problem and the last thing we wanted is a moderation team making decisions based on their whim.

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Lightning7753d ago

We do miss out on so many good rumors. It's makes N4G feel out of the loop.

Christopher53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

-Foxtrot: I think this idea is more in line with the idea of bringing in an Open Zone element that isn't just tied to suggestions. I think the home page needs to keep questionable content from being spread like it's not a rumor (this happens a lot, see just the news on PSVR2 stuff in the last two days), but an Open Zone area where discussions can go wherever they want and not affect the home page might be more in line with less credible discussions.

Note: This is my opinion, not BGFG policy/opinion.

Lightning7753d ago (Edited 53d ago )

What exactly is the open zone?

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dumahim53d ago

The page is blocked at work, so I'll submit it if it isn't there already, but I'd love to see other comment vote types brought back like Funny.