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N4G Submission Tutorial

The following page explains how to submit content to N4G, including our policies on what is or isn't allowed for each element of the submission. Some guidelines are covered in our Additional Submission Guidelines - - and may cover specific rules to specific content types not shown here. Please make sure you are aware of all guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in warnings or restrictions if issues continue to occur with a contributor.

When entering a new submission, please adhere to the following list of guidelines for each section of the submission.

.: URL
URLs should, when possible, be direct links to the original source of the news being reported with the following considerations:

a) if the news was discovered from a source other than the original, then the source at which the news was found should be entered as the Credit URL;

b) direct links to YouTube, social media sites, personal blogs/sites, forums, or the like are not allowed unless: 1) the individual or company posting the material is a video game developer; 2) the individual or company posting the material is a video game publisher; 3) the link is to an image that is relevant video game news on its own;

c) URL shorteners should never be used unless absolutely necessary;

d) URLs should be to the non-mobile Web version of the source;

e) if the original source of the story is presented in a language other than English, then the URL should use the Google or Bing translate link so that the page is automatically translated when viewed via N4G;

f) direct links to sites that require a login to view the content (age gating is allowed), press releases, presentations, pdfs, and similar content are not allowed and should be linked from an alternative news source that does meet the criteria listed;

g) KickStarter and similar crowd-funding sources are not allowed but may be presented as news by a video game news source;


.: Title
When possible, the title of the submission should match the title of the original source of the news excluding the following exceptions:

a) titles not in English should be translated as needed without any personal influence;

b) titles created from tweets or similar non-title having sources should be created without any personal influence;

c) exclamation points should be removed from the title unless used as part of the normal style of the game title or company name;

d) all caps should not be used unless as part of the normal style of the game title or company name;

e) Trademark, registered trademark, and similar icons should be removed from the title;

f) site names are required to be placed at the end of the title for the submission types of Preview and Review but are to be removed for any other type of submission;

g) offensive language, other than that which is a part of a game title or company name, should be edited by replacing letters of the word following the first letter with asterisks (*);

h) [NSFW] text should be added to the beginning of any title where the source links to content that contains graphic content, such as nudity, pornographic imagery, or extreme acts of violence;


.: Summary
The summary should provide a brief and understandable description of the content being presented at the source with the following considerations:

a) if the summary is a copy of part of the content of the original source or contains pronouns such as I, We, or Us, then the summary should be cited using the following format: [Author Name] writes: "[Summary text]";

b) summaries should not end abruptly or with an ellipsis ('...');

c) summaries should not contain text encouraging the reader to 'find out more below' or 'read more at the source'

d) summaries should not contain links;


.: Story Type
Select the appropriate story type based on the submission.

News: used when the story presents information or quotes about a subject, not used for opinion pieces or research pieces.

Review: used when the submission is a review of a video game that has been released within the last 6 months (or re-released on a new platform or as a remaster/remake). Reviews of games older than 6 months or hardware/culture reviews should be submitted as opinion pieces.

Preview: used when the submission is a preview from a video game journalist of hands-on gameplay or in-person developer shown gameplay of an upcoming video game. Write-ups on demo videos published to the Internet are not allowed.

Interview: used when the submission is a question and answer format with one or more industry persons. Video-based interviews should be submitted as interviews and not videos.

Rumor: used when the submission is not an official statement or press release from a developer or publisher but is something presented by an industry insider or similar person of a credible nature.

Trailer: used when the submission is a video of the promotional type that has been released by the developer or publisher of a video game.

Video: used when submitting a video of gameplay or similar content that isn't a promotional trailer or a videocast or when it is a community-made trailer or video of interest to the gaming community. Please note that videos that fit within another category type should be posted there, such as articles, interviews, and opinion pieces.

Screenshot: used when the news is of in-game screenshots from a game. Off screen images should be posted as image story type.

Image: used when the submission is an image, such as a photo, piece of artwork, or graph.

Article: used when the submission is a guide, technical write up, or researched/gathered data on a video game topic. Video-based guides should be submitted as article story types.

Opinion Piece: used when the submission is a "Top" list or another form of opinion-based write up on a video game topic. Video-based opinion pieces should be submitted as opinion piece story types.

Podcast: used when the submission is the audio recording of one or more people discussing gaming topics. Videos of people talking over random gameplay not specific to the discussion should also be posted as podcasts.

Videocast: used when the submission is a video of one or more people discussing gaming topics and filmed doing as such in real time.


.: Story Image
The story image used must reflect the submission content and can not contain any NSFW content or other content that would break N4G's communication guidelines.


.: Video Embed
If there is a video tied to the submission, then the video should be embedded when possible. The embed code of a video should be utilized and not direct links to a video on YouTube or a similar video site.


.: Credit URL
Credit URL should be used to give credit to a news source that led the submitter to the original source of the news with the following considerations:

a) Credit URL should never be a copy of the original source or a random link to a non-relevant source;

b) if an alternative source is being used because it is inappropriate as an original source due to a submission guideline, it should be listed as the Credit URL;

c) source URLs translated with Google or Bing should have the untranslated link as Credit URL;


.: Tags
Tags are required and should reflect the core subject of the submission. Use the following guidelines to determine which tags to use:

a) if the submission is about a game, use the video game tag and the platform tags specific to the news being presented (do not just blindly include platform tags);

b) DLC and single episodes of episodic games should get their own tags and be utilized where the discussion is about those specific portions of a game;

c) tags about a developer, publisher, or similar company should only be used when the submission is about them as a company, not when the submission is about a game of theirs;

d) review and preview story type submissions should only have the game tag and the platform(s) that the specific review applies to, never any other tag;

e) if the submission involves quotes by or news specific to an industry professional (developer or publisher, not a journalist or analyst), then include the tag of the industry professional;

f) the Culture/Offbeat tag covers most books, movies, board games, artwork and similar topics and should be used when discussing things without a platform tied to them;

g) the Industry tag covers news not specific to a single developer, publisher, or console manufacturer but applies to the business of video game development or publishing;

h) the Technology tag is used for hardware specific to video games, such as GPUs, gaming peripherals, and the like;

i) videocasts and podcasts that discuss a wide array of topics should limit their tags to key items and should not spam every platform or game tag that was mentioned;

j) video game news sites, journalists, video streamers, cosplayers, and similar non-industry professionals should not have their own tags but should fall under the Culture/Offbeat or Industry tag when applicable;

k) the Dev tag is for submissions detailing game development techniques, procedures, or technology, it is not for use with submissions where developers are mentioned in general;

l) the Next-Gen tag is for submissions about an unnamed, future platform and is not for submissions where the platforms being discussed already have a tag associated with them;

m) all Android platforms, whether phone, tablet, USB device, or console should use the Android tag as the platform;

n) all PC operating systems should use the PC tag, Xbox One X and Xbox One S should use the Xbox One tag, PS4 Pro should use the PS4 tag, and 2DS should use the 3DS tag;

o) tags marked as 'Do Not Use' should never be used;

p) if a tag does not exist, then create it or ask a moderator to create it for you via Ticket or private message;


This page was last updated on 7/4/2017

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