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N4G: Are you getting Application Errors?

Hello everyone.

There was an update earlier this week that affecting caching on the site. Some people may be having issues connecting to the site and are getting Application Errors when logging in.

If you are getting Application Errors when trying to log onto N4G, please do the following:

1. Clear your cache and all cookies associated with N4G for all time.
2. Completely close out your browser.
3. Go back and log back in.

This should fix your issue. But, make sure that #1 is for all time. Only 4 weeks may not be enough.

This is the same on mobile, but you might have to look up how to do it on some browsers like Samsung browser or the like.

Additionally, if none of this works for you right now, going incognito and logging in that way will always work since it doesn't cache data or cookies in that mode.

Thank you,

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ElementX25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I was getting errors on mobile with both Firefox and Chrome. Deleting the cookies worked, thanks!

umair_s5125d ago

Has happened to me in the past. Thanks for tip. Am prepared for next time

25d ago
UltraNova25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Thanks for the tip, it seems fixed now.


Have you guys managed to do something about the PM spammers?

SniperControl25d ago

I started a ticket about a week ago regarding PM spammers, they asked me to give them a list of all culprits sending the spam, as i had loads i thought it would be better just to give them a screenshot, i asked for a email i could send it to, nobody has got back to me as yet.

The Wood25d ago

the spam thing is way more annoying. Sending the email or user name isnt much help as it changes every time

UltraNova25d ago

@both above

I've reported and blocked each and everyone of them. I've also started a ticket a week or so ago and haven't heard from the admins since.

I don't understand the silence here...

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nix25d ago

I used to get that and I used to get msg that I've been banned. And I had not logged in for weeks.

Nowadays, I keep getting PMs that keep asking "is this your site?"

Elda25d ago

I experienced the same thing in everything you mentioned.

Fist4achin23d ago

Same here. It's really annoying.

excaliburps25d ago

I'm getting runtime error on mobile. Not even just logging in but acccessing the site...

Christopher25d ago

Follow the steps above anyway.

Kribwalker25d ago

i haven’t seen cookie monster on here since Rookiemonster lol

RavenTears25d ago

It works for me temporary but it continues to have the same problem on Chrome and Firefox. Also I can't access my original account anymore because of this problem and no one have responded to my ticket yet. My original account kept getting blocked, banned and unbanned so much time while roaming on N4G that now is permanently banned.

solideagle25d ago

Yes, the same issue even after clearing the cookies. Another issue is when I tried to raise a ticket I got internal server error pop up box.

SierraGuy25d ago

Same and it's only n4g...never see this issue with any other web page.

TheRealTedCruz25d ago

I'll need to do this. I switched over to a crap browser that works but, again, it's crap.

Nitrowolf225d ago (Edited 25d ago )

The issue comes and goes, its occurring on a few sites (ours included) also. It's an issue with Google chrome? At least for me and many others, I know google stopped updating third party cookies last month and I think they are finally taking effect

An article we found on it:

Jin_Sakai25d ago

It’s happening to me on mobile Safari. I couldn’t even get on the site to read this post and see what’s going on. Clearing website data fixed the problem for me. Wonder what causes this problem? I’ve seen it many times especially on Sunday's for some reason.

rlow125d ago

Already fixed it on chrome

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The story is too old to be commented.

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