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N4G Poll: Opinions & You

Hello again everyone!

So, time for another impromptu poll. But, let me put this up front here, that this one may not end in an immediate change as there are levels to this that are out of our, the moderation team, control. Much of this has to do with the fact that what our regular users want oftentimes might differ from what guest users who get here from search engine results want or expect. But, at least this poll will give us an idea of how people perceive the topic at hand and we can use it when discussing it further with HAVA and the moderation team.

We've seen more and more criticisms of the site being overrun with opinion pieces that detract from actual news. It popped up in our last poll and it pops up almost anytime we inform people about a policy change on the site. While criticisms are easy to see, we wanted to ask two questions to see if we can't narrow down the issue people have regarding opinion pieces on N4G.

We highly suggest feedback in the comments section, but please do your best to name make it about your fellow users and instead stick to the topic at hand. Let's respect each other's opinions even though we may disagree or perceive a bias in it.

Question A: What type of opinion pieces do you think are making it hard to get news on N4G or detract from actual news?

Select all that apply:

1. Top # Lists
2. Opinions on rumors
3. Opinions on hot news items
4. Opinions on old games or game concepts

Question B: What is your biggest problem with opinion pieces on N4G?

Select all that apply

1. Too many opinion pieces about the same subject
2. Clickbait or misleading titles and information in opinion pieces
3. People discuss the opinion pieces more than the actual news
4. They fuel console war discussions


Please feel free to expand on your thoughts in the comments. But, our usual guidelines on comments apply here, so let's try our best to keep it civil, please.

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anaissad1522d ago (Edited 22d ago )

A, None of that is important.

B all the the above + moderation that allows articles to say one thing then flagging/banning someone as trolling for saying the same things that were in the articles. As well as moderation that allows opinion articles they agree with while blocking opinion articles they disagree with.

Christopher22d ago

I get your point on B. It's a weird system where we have our own guidelines but link to articles that, on their site, might say things we don't normally allow. Sometimes we don't allow submissions as it is because it's just trollish or fanboyish material, but sometimes it's something we feel like we might be applying our own bias in not allowing and we still have our site policies.

in all honesty, we can't control what the thousands of people writing articles say, but we can moderate our guidelines here. Though it's no different than linking to a site that uses profanity or contains offensive material that we don't allow in the comments section here and require contributors to denote if the content is NSFW or the like.

Knushwood Butt22d ago

The News Posting Guidelines don't mention anything about adding NSFW, nor if such content is allowed or not.

22d ago
darthv7222d ago

I like the opinion pieces and if anything they help promote healthy debate because we all can have differing opinions on the pieces posted throughout the day. i mean if you think about it, reviews are opinions. They are the opinion of the reviewer and those pieces spark lots of discussion with some always saying the review was click bait when that is really just the opinion of that person commenting.

Obvious click bait is obvious but opinion pieces are fine. We dont all have to agree and thats the beauty of those pieces.

Christopher22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

***The News Posting Guidelines don't mention anything about adding NSFW, nor if such content is allowed or not.***

Titles -> Letter h

"h) [NSFW] text should be added to the beginning of any title where the source links to content that contains graphic content, such as nudity, pornographic imagery, or extreme acts of violence;"

So, yeah, they do mention it and if they mention how to handle it, one would assume that as long as it falls within the other guidelines it would be allowed on N4G.

Knushwood Butt22d ago

@ Christopher

That's helpful but it's not mentioned here:

It's the first time I've seen your blog post. Never knew it existed, or how to nabigate to it. Did I miss something obvious?

NecrumOddBoy22d ago

Is there a place where the guidelines for reporting are kept? I've seen a lot of Articles called lame when they clearly don't deserve to be shot down because they don't fit a point of view.

There are also way too many articles that are actually links to Amazon or cdkeys with discount codes that give the linked article website profit and that's just blatant spam.

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GamerRN21d ago ShowReplies(1)
TheScotsman21d ago

A. All of them are an annoyance.
B. All of these apply to opinion pieces

Opinion pieces are like a disease and cause most of the issues on this website. Be it obvious click bait to get traffic to some down right lying. Rumours are not rumours just cause someone posted it on 4chan. N4g is not alone, YouTube and twitter is full of videos that have no real news at all and just pure opinion, and everybody gets fed up with it

nibblo21d ago

Agree with you, I do not like opinion pieces but most people do because it engages emotions and fans the tribal wars, just give me the facts personally. It's happening more and more in journalism unfortunately and I've kinda resigned myself to them.

GamerRN19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I agree

22d ago
-Foxtrot22d ago

Question A: What type of opinion pieces do you think are making it hard to get news on N4G or detract from actual news?

1 & 3

Question B: What is your biggest problem with opinion pieces on N4G?

2 / 3 / 4

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I don't understand how most of these opinion pieces get by, ones that start console war discussions or top whatever lists but other articles that talk about big political scandals within the industry or even things that you probably could say belongs on Filmwatch BUT is about video games, get wiped out the second they land. At the end of the day, especially with places like Filmwatch which is basically dead, as long as they are video game related in any way it should be okay.

This is NEWS for GAMERS remember...not "Top 10 List Galore"

jambola22d ago

yeah it's kind of annoying seeing thing like "Sony will steamroll microsoft next gen" by forbes, an then seeing the same site saying "don't underestimate microsoft next gen" a week later

-Foxtrot22d ago

Yeah I hate that we see shitty articles like that BUT when you have well known Youtubers (whether you like them or not) like Angry Joe or Jim Sterling who provide videos which usually speak out about MT's, Loot Boxes, showing us why whatever company in the spot light has f***** up, it's not allowed.

I'd rather have more videos shedding a light on controversies, providing information rather than console wars or crappy top ten lists.

Rebel_Scum22d ago

Dunno if both articles were done by different writers or not. Regardless I don't see an issue with a site producing content with arguments for both sides. Should the media have an agenda/bias? I don't think so.

And its a common complaint about general news media these days about being one eyed (left leaning or right/alt right leaning). Kinda weird to read your complaint tbh.

GamerRN19d ago

Even worse is getting banned for not liking the console of choice

jambola22d ago

yeah but to be fair i feel like it would just be s problem too
do we really want 45 different youtube links posted here with "*youtubers*' view on topic"

-Foxtrot22d ago

Come on...I'm not saying EVERY YouTuber

There's quote a few well respected ones who have a deep understanding of the industry, some who have insiders to provide whatever background they can and also years of experience.

My point is if you are going to let some shitty opinion pieces in then I'd rather see something like Jim Sterling when he was giving a constant flow of information during the Battlefront II controversy, telling you the ins and outs, doing research.

morganfell22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Welcome articles provide information. Unwelcome articles tell you what to believe. There are those that insist any policing of the press is a slippery slope. They expound endlessly that the press must operate unhindered. But let us be honest, many of the articles permitted here hardly fit the definition of an honest press serving the gaming demographic. Quite simply there must be away for the readership to remove these cankers. That system once existed here if in appearance only. The press will never learn unless N4G provides the readers a whip with which to chastise clickbait trash producers.

Christopher22d ago

@-Foxtrot: This will be a future poll as it relates to YouTube as a source and how we manage sourcing versus how the idea of approving certain youtube personalities/sources but not others.

jambola22d ago

and s long as it's either
A, a separate section
or B moderated well
I'm ok with it
I'm just saying it would have the same issues as opinion pieces

morganfell21d ago

It is a bit mystifying that they would police youtube videos but not opinion pieces. In essence it is a medium being filtered rather than the character of the content, and such an action makes little sense. It also means the willingness to look at opinion pieces disguised as information and treat them accordingly.

rainslacker21d ago (Edited 21d ago )


YT videos were kind of a plague here for a while. I think they went a bit a bit too far to one extreme by outright bans, but it was more because they were taking a hands off approach to curating various types of content within.

There were Let's Plays, Reaction videos, even worse opinion videos than we see in these articles, etc. Unfortunately, it did remove the more prolific and productive YT videos and reviews that were posted on YT. You had commentary from well respected YT that were lumped into the same group.

A lot of these same people have their own sites where they post their videos, and those are allowed to be posted on here when linked to an actual article. You just can't link directly to YT as the article itself. I notice that no one really posts those videos here like that. Not sure why. I know Yahtzee for Zero Punctuation is on The Escapist. Angry Joe has his own site I think. The Jim Sterling has his own site. As far as I know, nothing prevents those from being posted.

dumahim22d ago

I wonder if we could go the route to whitelisting certain youtubers that we can mostly agree with that bring solid content and not just trying to drive clicks.

I'd actually like an ignore site feature.

jambola21d ago

Few sites here i'd love to be able hide from my view
wold greatly improve my experience here

rainslacker21d ago

I could see that easily being abused though. It's not uncommon for some inciteful and low quality YT to have a lot of subscribers which can influence the vote. That means someone is ultimately going to have to make a decision on the quality of the content, and as Chris and I were discussing below, that's a fine line to walk. Even if you get beyond the fact that not everyone is going to agree with any given decision, there is that slippery slope of what kind of bias can be introduced....even if unknowingly by a mod. Even if they're just in a bad mood one day, it could prevent decent content from making it through.

I think YT videos could have the same thing applied to them that these opinion piece articles may. No Let's Plays. No reaction videos.

Reviews done in good taste(as there are some which are really piss poor on YT and that should be one of those readily apparent things), Commentary(Opinion pieces) that are based on facts(barring minor mistakes as that always happens), should be fine so long as they meet the same requirements of the other posting guidelines.

This may be a better thing to discuss when they end up doing that discussion as Chris says they will in the future. Getting the opinion piece thing figured out would help set guidelines for what kind of YT content is also allowed.

lex-102021d ago

I think that would depend on what you consider "solid content".

UnholyLight21d ago

100% agreed Foxtrot on all accounts here

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jambola22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I think they're fine seeing that there's separate sections for it
i would like to see less clickbait though, and less 10 page lazy articles where you have to click to new pages for 3 lines of text

also, maybe this wouldn't be as much of a problem if you didn't allow trolls so easily,maybe have a wait period before new accounts can commen, so many faceless, no profile pic trolls here that clog up the comments,
why? because they can make a new account in 10 minutes

edit, never mind, i guess there isn't a separate section, just 20 minutes ago there is a post from in the news section with the title "pokemon will always be a handheld series"
maybe keep the news for news, and ban/suspend people that either fail to comply, and people that approve stories in the wrong sections

Smokehouse22d ago

I think the opinion chains are stupid. It’s not rumor or news.
For example:
Article 1. Article on stupid twitter post
Article 2. Response to article on stupid twitter post
Article 3: opinion on the “controversy” involving both sides of stupid twitter post.

Nobody cares about the stupid twitter post.