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N4G: Videos and Images Have Different Sourcing Rules

Hello everyone.

This is a quick post to remind people that our sourcing rules for images and videos are not the same. This is of course outlined in our guidelines here: .

But, to reiterate because there has been a lot of confusion in the pending section of submissions:

Images can be sourced from social media, forums, or the like if they are the specific news being shared.This is an exception to our usual rules regarding sourcing as it doesn't require an industry professional to have posted the material. It applies broadly to all people for just images.

Videos are only allowed from gaming news sites or official channels/sources (such as a developer or publisher's social post). They are not allowed from forums, Reddit, or similar places unless it's from a professional source (again, developer and publisher only).

Please note this because we don't want false reports and confusion in the pending section.

Thank you,

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albertperk29d ago

Thanks for posting this for clarification.

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