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N4G Contest - Day 19: Why So Glad

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Congratulations to The 10th Rider, our eighteenth day winner.


On the nineteenth day, the question we have for you is "What was the best bit of gaming news for you in 2018?"

I'm really happy to see Obsidian get bought and have the opportunity to make 'bigger' games as well as continue to make games if the rumors of their financial issues are true. I didn't think it was going to happen, but apparently it did and I think the future potential of such a developer might replace the spot that Bethesda and BioWare once filled.

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Necron28d ago

Death Stranding will be coming early 2019.

Segata28d ago

Devil May Cry V & Daemon X Machina announcements.

bluefox75528d ago

Sony working with AMD Ryzen tech. Even though it's not confirmed for PS5, I have high hopes. Despite the amazing games this gen, and the technical wizardry they've managed to pull off in games like GOW, HZD, and the upcoming TLoU2, the current gen CPU has been console gaming's biggest hindrance this gen IMO.

ninsigma28d ago

Does gameplay reveal count?? Cuz the reveal for ghost of Tsushima was glorious and I am super excited for that game now!

Christopher27d ago

It does and it was an amazing demo with the fight under the tree and seeing the leaves affected by every movement.

ninsigma27d ago

And apparently that was only a side quest too! 😱