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N4G Contest - Day 15: Who Pleased You

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Congratulations to coolbeans, our fourteenth day winner!


On the fifteenth day, the question we have for you is "Who is the best video game voice actor?"

Let's be honest, there are a ton of great voice actors nowadays. This is a hard question. Hard because it's oftentimes tied to more than just their performance, but having the write script or even supporting cast to allow their voice to shine rather than be held back in order to not stand out too much.

But, there's an actor who has had a steady stream of great roles mixed in with some stuff that's showing of a commendable range but not necessarily award winning. And that for me is Jennifer Hale.

She was one of the most utilized voices in the move towards full voice acting in RPGs from Baldur's Gate series, Knights of the Old Republic, and onto her most often recognized role as FemShep. I've enjoyed her since Baldur's Gate and it's rare that her performance doesn't fit into the role in which she is given.

Admittedly, there's more of a call for her deeper and more commanding style of voice acting, but I think this is because it's the equivalent of a Morgan Freeman or Sam Jackson voice, in that you begin to identify the voice with certain roles. But, she's shown her strength and range in smaller titles or, specifically, in Japanes games.

There is of course her masterpiece role of Numbuh 86. Don't ask how I know she did the voice of that character. Let's just say nephews can create emotional scars.

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ziggurcat36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

rigged! (j/k congrats coolbeans)

Nolan North, IMO.

Honourable mention: Troy Baker

Nu36d ago

Christopher you are a kinky mofo

coolbeans36d ago

Busted! (Much appreciated) ;)

cl198335d ago

I knew I should of restricted you.

kneon36d ago

I'd reverse them, purely on TB's performance in TLOU.

JRPGsAreTheBest36d ago

Christopher Judge portrayed Kratos really well with his bluntness and awkwardness. Baldur also had a great voice actor and the rest of the cast for the game was solid too.

IamTylerDurden136d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Baldur was played by Jeremy Davies and imo far exceeded the performance of Judge. Kratos was performed well by Judge, but the passionate and nuanced performance by Davies as Baldur was among the best in gaming history. Mimir (Alastair Duncan) was also brilliantly portrayed, as was Freya (Danielle Bisutti). Even Atreus was performed well considering voice actor Sunny Suljic was actually a 10 year old boy and not a 40 year old woman as games and shows so commonly do.

I truly believe the voice cast in God of War is among the best ever. Troy Baker, Nolan North, Chris Judge, Jeremy Davies. Even Sunny Suljic is a legit actor staring in Jonah Hill's new movie "Mid 90's". Alastair Duncan is a real actor as well. He played as Celebrimbor in Mordor/Shadow, Westworld, and countless film roles.

Cikatriz_ESP36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Ashley Birch in Horizon Zero Dawn. With a lot of voice actors you can almost hear them muttering to themselves, “Look at me, I’m acting!” But Ashley’s performance as Aloy was seamlessly authentic and believable. I never got the feeling she was overthinking her lines, instead delivering them the way you’d actually expect someone in her situation to react. She sounded like somebody you knew, and that humanized the character for me in a way no other game has managed.

Cikatriz_ESP36d ago

Also, I saw her in an interview and thought she was cute and funny, so there’s that. I hadn’t realized she was THAT Ashley Birch.

bluefox75536d ago

Hate to go with the obvious choice, but Troy Baker. He's done such quality work, so consistently over the years. His involvement with video games has really brought up the quality of voice acting in the industry in general IMO. People make jokes about how he's in every game, but frankly, I'd be okay if he was. Other great actors of recent years are of course Laura Bailey, Nolan North, and Christopher Judge (along with the rest of the cast of God of War, all did a phenomenal job).

Yi-Long36d ago

Easy one: Troy Baker. Has a nice voice, has range in terms of different stuff he can do convincingly, and most importantly, is a good actor who conveys emotion/feeling, without overacting.

I play MGS5 in Japanese, but his voice for Ocelot in the English dub fits the character well, and his Joker in Arkham Origins is great.