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N4G Contest - Day 14: Who Hurt You

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Congratulations to IamTylerDurden1, our thirteenth day winner!


On the fourteenth day, the question we have for you is "Who is the worst video game voice actor you've ever experienced?"

It's Mickey Rourke.

That's it.

Yes, even worse than 50 Cent.

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THC CELL37d ago Show
THC CELL37d ago Show
monkey60237d ago

That's actually a tough one. Resident Evil the original had some diabolical voice acting. Weaker and Barry Burton both had some choice moments. While that game may be the first that comes to mind it also kind of works in a campy way so I won't be top harsh on it.

I will give the Crew 2 an honourable mention though. That's probably one of the worst I've experienced in recent years by far

Leeroyw37d ago

Completely agree. First resident evil....
Don't..... Open that... Door.

Tross36d ago

It's actually more cringe IMHO in REmake, where good acting is attempted, but at times is still pretty bad and lacks the charm of much of the iconic lines from the original, and at others the lines are just super cheesy no matter how hard someone tries at it. For example, I don't think it's possible for the line "it's a monster!" to be taken seriously. Nope. Some of the edits to the original lines don't make much sense either. "A little later and you would fit nicely into a sandwich" is no substitute for a Jill Sandwich! At least REmake is solid on the gameplay and story fronts, and other aspects of the sound.

TheGoodestBoi37d ago

Two Worlds.. Was a disappointment in every way possible

THC CELL37d ago

I really liked part 2 never played first one