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N4G Contest - Day 12: Who is Overrated

Edit: Sorry for the confusion in the title. It has been updated and I have sacked the person in charge. At least you know what tomorrow's question will be...

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Congratulations to Elwenil, our eleventh day winner!


On the twelfth day, the question we have for you is "Who do you think is the most overrated game designer?"

I honestly think most game designers are overrated. Many here would lambaste me for bringing up that I think Kojima is one of them after yesterday's replies... But he's not the one that I think of as being the most overrated.

That honor goes to Jonathan Blow.

His Indie game was great, you proclaim! It was okay. It was a puzzle game that I'd seen versions of before in flash games. Was it a good version of the type, yes. But not award winning, IMHO. And, then, what does he do next? He wastes tons of money on a big world for a puzzle game that didn't need that much budget for that sort of game, let alone the various elements of it that most people who completed the game *raises hand* never saw because practically no one wants to do the same puzzles over all over again just to possibly find something they missed or scour the world for each hidden puzzle.

I don't get the fascination people have in praising his abilities. It's nothing new to me and it's a waste of money on something that should have gone towards something worth the expense.

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Nucler10039d ago

Todd Howard. Just don’t think he’s all that great. Maybe some years ago, but not anymore imo.

DarXyde39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Kojima is lauded as a God in many circles, but I think that honor is best bestowed upon Keiji Inafune.

After PS2 era, I can't say I cared much for his work at all.

Segata39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

David Cage. He's the video game version of Tommy Wiseau. Awful writing. His games are don't have much to do with actual game design. Moving forward with button prompts is not game design. It's a more interactive UI or FMV. Not much else. Omikron was all gameplay and it was clunky as can be with some of the worst shooting segments in any game ever made. At times they are funny bad like The Room. Calling the lack of game design "Cinematic" doesn't actually fool me in its flaws as a game. No matter how many well-known actors he tries to cram in, it doesn't make it any more legit as a seriously good game any more than adding Michael Ironsides to the D&D Movie makes it a legit film. Look how many well-known actors got in Foodfight, still was a pile of doo-doo. I will give QD this. They are good looking games on a technical level and often have good music. As games and the stories that go with them. Just are not very good. Plenty of games can tell a great story and have good to great full-on gameplay. A Xenogears or a Red Dead Redemption or an Assasin's Creed II or Yakuza 0.

Segata39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I don't know if the topic is underrated or overrated now.

Christopher38d ago

Sorry for the confusion with the title!

cl198339d ago

I definitely have to agree on this.

EazyC38d ago

I think it's safe to say that man is no longer 'rated'

Christopher38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

To be honest, this would be me at the start of this generation, but now, he's lost most of that just via Twitter responses alone.

Edit: Pretty much similar to Jaffe, only he lost it in other forms of communication.

ziggurcat38d ago

Yeah, Jaffe is the flip side to this coin.

BuildTheWall38d ago

I hate that little bitch & was hoping to not hear / see Cliff's name mentioned again.

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bigmalky39d ago

Ed McMillen.

The Binding of Isaac, for all it's face value simplicity, is one of the deepest games this generation and can last you literally years of play.

It has also been supported well, over quite a few years. Definitely deserving of a mention at least.

Strafe39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I think you mean underrated, which I agree on. Absolutely love his games, got the platinum on Binding because I loved it so much.

But this is about overrated designers.

EDIT: Ah I see it was because of a cockup Christopher made.

bigmalky38d ago

Yeah, he got me too haha.