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N4G Contest - Day 9: Who Wore It Best

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Congratulations to BioDead, our eight day winner!


On the ninth day, the question we have for you is "Which character from a video game is your favorite as far as character designs go and why?"

While there are a lot of more recent games that I've enjoyed, such as various characters from Horizon Zero Dawn, Corvo from Dishonored, or even the too-quickly killed off Vaas from Far Cry 3, I'm going to go with a more classic character that's always stuck with me.


Representing a more shamanistic/native american concept in FFVII, Red XIII stands out among the other characters for being a non-humanoid creature alone, but stands out even further for the fact that his scars, whether they be actual scars or tattoos placed upon him by his captors, cannot be merely hidden.

Red XIII also is a less comedic or outgoing member of the team, but also has an appearance that many would consider to be rebellious in nature as well as seeking individuality, when in reality his goals are not about that but about honor.

I was surprised when first introduced to the character and always found him unique in the world of FF in general.

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Shadowtaster3342d ago

Geralt of fcking Rivia.
Cause he's badass and funny

Smokey5551179942d ago

Geralt of Rivia. i mean come on he is a total badass. His character progresses over his story, physically and his character as a whole. I know we control most of how he interacts with people, but its nice to see that progression in a game. Plus the game is just plain good. Theres so many other characters i would have chosen also, but he is at the top of the list.

oasdada42d ago

Kratos ofcourse.. He's the only man who could wear a skirt and still look badass lol.. Jokes aside, kratos is a total badass and his pale skin and red tatoo are just iconic

GameBoyColor42d ago

Old solid snake, felt like a badass grizzled veteran and his whole ending arc was amazing.

Lore42d ago

Cloud from FFVII. His demaleanor especially in Kingdom Hearts is subtle in the best way. Noctis FFXV runner up.