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N4G Contest - Day 8: There's Some Potential

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Congratulations to monkey602, our seventh day winner!


On the eight day, the question we have for you is "What is one genre that you believe has a lot of potential for advancing/evolving from what it normally is and how do you think it should evolve?"

I think MMOs in general have stagnated, especially as MMO-lites like Destiny and Anthem pop up, sadly leaving behind the potential once imagined over a decade ago. We went from developers making a game like Shadowbane, where you could build cities anywhere, developer extremely diverse guilds, have extremely diverse characters, and overall have a player-controlled environment.

Nowadays MMOs tend to do a lot of right, but they don't try to evolve beyond just making Raids a little harder with a specific method of power management. I wish they had continued with the concepts of world building and giving players a bit more control over certain things, even going so far as to evolve quests based on player interactions or even have players create the quests for others based on needs.

And, even further, is I think many MMOs forgot how to manage PvP elements, instead focusing on the most basic of concepts that have not seen success instead of those like Dark Age of Camelot, where it segregated PvP and allowed players control over interacting in such while at the same time encouraging involvement in a controlled manner.

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Shadowtaster3343d ago

Horror games for me have stayed the same for a while now, after the developer of dead space is gone, I just can't find anything that scares me without using jump scares. Naturally I've played Resident Evil but its hard to stay interested without any other scary games. Maybe I'm wrong and there's loads of good ones that I havent heard of.
But I'd like to see a horror game not afraid to go all in and make you quesy and actually terrified. I think theres a lot potential when it comes to horror, maybe even combine the audio effects from Hellblade. In general I'd like to see just an increase in quality of horror.

bigmalky43d ago

Agony tried going deeper, but the game itself just wasn't great to play.

UltraNova42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Horror games I agree, but they've been done to death and I think we've reached a point where nothing can scare us. This is where VR comes in. VR has the potential to rejuvenate Horror games. I've played RE7 for 15 mins. That's it,15 mins but the immersion, sound and the "reality" of me being, actually being in that deranged house....I had to stop because I was making my self look like a silly school girl getting chased by a killer with a knife, screams, snot and the like(I was at a friend's party). What I'm saying is that VR can do wonders in the case of Horror games and its totally worth it.


I believe city management games has potential. like you're able to explore the city in 3rd/1st person(maybe swap between citizen or mayor), and interact everything technically possible(go to shopping, buy/drive cars, date, etc.). Like imagine GTA but just city management. Or mix city management with shooter/RPG where you fight to defend/take land to gather/protect resources. I do have ideas for something like this, if I can make it big in Game Design.

robtion43d ago

Story driven choice based games seem like they could include far more freedom and branches. Consequences for actions are often talked up but rarely deliver. Detroit was good but I think this is an idea that could be built upon.

More options to truly build your own story and take the plot in drastically different directions rather than just seeing scenes play out slightly differently but ultimately end up with a similar conclusion.