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N4G Contest - Day 7: There's a Preference

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Congratulations to Razzer, our sixth day winner!


On the seventh day, the question we have for you is "What is the one genre of gaming that you've enjoyed the most and why?"

For me, it's quite an easy answer, roleplaying games.

I enjoy character building, I enjoy complex and evolving storylines, I enjoy characters with different powers and skills, I enjoy encountering a variety of enemies, and killing things like dragons and beholders.

As to why? Perhaps because that's just what I grew up with the most. Strategic Simulations, Inc. pretty much was how I spent a few years of my life, rolled over into other RPGs, and eventually into MMOs in the late 90s, which then in turn led to me even getting into working with IGN/Vault Network some 16 ears ago.

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bigmalky44d ago

It has always been RPGs, since I played A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana on the SNES as a kid. I always liked stories and epic adventures, growing up watching movies with Ray Harryhausen monsters, and things like Legend and Flash Gordon.

I was a big reader too, and being able to interact with an adventure, instead of just imagining it was amazing.

ISHU44d ago

I'm personally a huge fan of RPG's cause they allow you to mold your character and get creative with it. You have tons of choices in terms of weapons, armors and skills and you can invest time in those things that cater to you more. Not to forget some even allow dialogue and choices that affects your gameplay, story and world around you. This freedom of choice is something i really cherish in games and makes me want to try out new stuff and keeps it fresh for a longer period of time.

cl198344d ago

Sadly it's just plain shooters. Frag or be frag and repeat.

bluefox75544d ago

RPGs, specifically JRPGs. From the first time I played Final Fantasy 7, I was hooked. Can't believe I didn't try them sooner on earlier consoles.

rainslacker44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

For me, I was first hooked with Cosmic Fantasy 2 on the TG-CD. While I always liked other games in the genre as well, that one just really hit home hard, because of its presentation being the way it was, despite the game play and world being pretty standard fare for the genre at the time. There was just something special about having fully voiced cut scenes instead of text to read that drew me in like never before. The fact that the character you're fighting to save actually dies was kind of unheard of at the time. Shame the rest of the series never made it to the states. Now that I think about it, I might have to go find some fan translations somewhere.:)

TheGoodestBoi44d ago

Rpgs I just love having character progression to have something to work towards