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N4G Contest - Day 6: That Hated Thing

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Congratulations to GameBoyColor, our fifth day winner!


On the sixth day, the question we have for you is "What is something from this generation that you absolutely hate and wish didn't exist in the industry?"

Even though my mother would say hate is too strong a word to ever use to describe how you feel about something, I'm going to go ahead and break that rule as what I hate isn't someone, just a concept that seems to be prevalent in video games today in general. So I don't feel bad about hating it. The thing I'm going to say I actually hate to see this generation is the increasing reliance in RNG to determine rewards.

It's not just mobile games, but seems to be pervasive in almost everything as if having to do the same thing over and over is something gamers should have to do to earn the best gear, even in offline games. It defies the whole concept of rewarding effort because RNG is not fair or just. It's not equal. And, in many cases, it's abused on purpose to inflate playtime rather than making playtime more meaningful, though this one is the world we live in now.

Now, I'm not going to leave without saying how I think it should be replaced. With the understanding that people want us to continue to play, to grind things away, why is so much emphasis put on obtaining the best gear rather than leveling up the best gear and customizing it along the way? RNG was used, IMHO, to encourage gambling tendencies and to not evolve equipment and customization to a point that we should be at already, which is giving players that power to explore and test out various ways to use it through customizations. It's till grinding, only it treats people equally and gives them choices on how to use the equipment they earn.

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Lore8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

1st party studios that don't have a consistent stream of AAA games. If it is going to take 4-7 years to make the games then they need to utilize the billions they have in opening or acquiring more studios.

RizBiz8d ago

This should have 100 upvotes by now.

GameBoyColor8d ago

Yeah lootboxes should have never happened and I can say that everyone hates them

kneon8d ago

I don't hate them, I don't really have any problem with them. You don't actually pay for them do you?

Palitera8d ago

They mess with the game design and you get a f***** up progression design just because of its mere existence.

If you didn't understand it yet, take a look at Red Dead Online. Or GTA Online. Or Shadow of War economy. Or SWBF2. Or basically any AAA game with F2P schemes or loot boxes.

Design 101, buddy. Nothing is there by mere chance.

kneon7d ago

If it's just cosmetic items then they don't matter at all.

Even if it's game progression items, I still don't have a problem with them, just play the game and collect them, don't get fooled into actually paying money for them. I've never bought one, never paid anything for a F2P game, never bought pokeballs etc. Just say no.

Palitera7d ago

You would still be playing a game designed to milk microtransactions, not a game designed to be balanced or fun progression-wise.

thepatientgamer8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Loot boxes. It falls under the whole rng thing as well. And I don’t mind it for cosmetic goodies; however, if loot boxes are implemented into gameplay and progression then that’s a problem in my opinion. Look at the whole battlefront 2 scandal. That destroyed any excitement I had for the game and any excitement I may have for future battlefront titles. I think it’s a cheap and lazy way to extend gameplay time, and it’s an insulting way to ask for more money from the consumer.

phoenixwing8d ago

Microtransactions specefically in assassins creed for materials. The game plays ok but I know they made it harder just to get stuff just because they want you to buy their x amount of crystal iron

opc7d ago

I'm so glad they left some of the gear designs in the store. The only problem I have with that game is there is too much damn gear. If I'm not changing gear every 15 minutes it pops up a message telling me that I have items in my inventory that are better than what I have equipped.

I don't want to be in the menus every three minutes, I want to play the friggin story.