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N4G Contest - Day 4: That Defining Thing

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Congratulations to SpaceRanger, our third day winner!


On the fourth day, the question we have for you is "What game concept from this generation do you feel has shown an advancement in the gaming industry compared to previous generations?"

First, what? You thought all these questions would be easy?

Second, for me, it's been the continuing evolution of cross-style games. AC Odyssey isn't just a stealth assassination game anymore, it's an RPG that allows you to decide how you want to play, even if it's as a stealthy assassin. Fortnite isn't just a survival building game, it evolved to combine those with with Battle Royale MP. Red Dead Redemption 2 combined cowboy action with horse riding simulator (I kid, I kid... I think...).

I believe by continuing to create cross-style genres we're not only giving people the games they like to play but adding flexibility, better storytelling capabilities, and showing that there's more to learn rather than doing what many companies have done, which is stay in their wheelhouse only because people keep buying those games at their most basic level. But, eventually, there's only so much you can do with the same concept. You need to evolve it. And, the best thing is, none of this blending erases old games. Those games we loved as they were? They still exist.

So, bring on Forza-armeggedon.

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aleccherkov9d ago

I would have to say Grand Theft Auto series because back in the day we had the games in such a style back then than it is today, if you look how the AI and environmental aspects have changed throughout the course of the series it just shows one thing the more advanced we get into gaming the more powerful the graphics and environmental richness that series has to offer.

Another would have to be call of duty and how that has now fundamentally has changed throughout the years again each generation has a graphics improvement and has new concepts and new advancements for the storyline and tech we are given in each game.

However another change is occurring very quickly because of the advancement of this generation than the previous ones that where available is BR modes across all games alike, its going to be one of those times where we will have it in all games inc Assassins Creed, The Division etc the list goes on.

Palitera9d ago

Storytelling for grown ups. Definitely.

Fist4achin9d ago

Im going to go with the rise of the indies. Sure indies were around last generation, but this generation has really given small developers a chance with more funding options through various backers, easier development with their consoles, and even support for limited amounts of physical releases. Gaming is no longer completely controlled by AAA developers as indies have a good grasp on their slice of the pie. Indies also break it up and sometimes come up with newer and different formulas to games that can be great.

SickSinceSix9d ago

The concept to nickle and dime consumers with micro-transactions and loot boxes has really advanced this generation for sure.

SheenuTheLegend9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Rocket League, a totally new concept, i know it was also on ps3 but coming to PS4 it changed dramatically.
no matter i m home with my friends or i am alone, i can still enjoy the game depending on the way i wanna play.
All these battle royals,FPS's, RPG's are just a improvement and are not a new concept.
But this is something no one had ever seen before. Games like this push the gaming forward for the players and for the industry too.

PoopsMcGee9d ago

I agree that RL was a breath of fresh air in terms of concept and gameplay.

Too bad that it's littered with loot boxes, microtransactions and crossplay crappiness. I couldn't put that game down and would still be hopelessly addicted if not for how shamelessly they ruined the experience with that crap...

SheenuTheLegend9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I completely agree with you. But you know what: GTA V, Halo mc collection and even Last of Us have the same problem. And we all know how big and respected devs they were and still are. but they still went the same route.
We need more smart gamers nowadays with smart purchases. looks like devs and publishers dont want to miss a single chance to rip off gamers.
and yeah i hate rocket pass but Rocket League is just an example of modern times that how you can think so openly and implement the ideas in the gaming universe. just like the old games did, you dont always have to copy paste, copy paste and copy paste.