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N4G Contest - Day 3: Your Worst Time

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Congratulations to Yi-Long, our second day winner!


On the third day, the question we have for you is "What was the worst game you've ever played and what made it the worst game for you?"

For me, I could be cheeky and say Loki, but the truth is that the game was so broken that I've never been able to play it for more than a minute. So, I'm going to be almost as cheeky and say Max Payne 3.

NOW, WAIT WAIT WAIT! It's not because it's a bad game. At least not what I've been able to play of it. Far from it. The reason it is the worst I've ever played is actually because it was enjoyable... but I've never been able to finish it because my save files seem cursed. I've owned this game on both PC and PS3. The furthest I've been able to get into the game before my save file got wiped (and repeatedly so) was the graveyard flashback mission. On PC, I've rarely been able to get past the Stadium mission. I've tried copying out save files, but it ends up the same.

So, I sat there, thoroughly involved in this game, hoping to get through the story in which I am invested. And, then, nothing. Shoot. Let me try again. I feel myself trying to push through the parts I've already experienced, wanting to get to a new point. And then, gone. And, try again. After the third, I gave up. A year later, I tried again on PC, but the system was such a tease and I believe it just wasn't meant to be.

But, it was the worst experience I've had in the game because I know a bad game and I can quit it, but when a game isn't bad and I can't finish it after multiple attempts due to things outside of my control? It becomes so much more frustrating and sits with you for years.

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Fullmetalevolust10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I'm picking Medievil not to be controversial in the least. I found the gameplay to be too choppy and the camera gave me motion sickness. It is such a beloved classic but I just couldn't have fun with it. I hope the remaster corrects these two issues for me. I'd love to experience this without feeling uncomfortable.
I also loved Demon Souls but the crushing difficulty made it hard for me to go back and pursue my journey. It just wasn't for me since I'd play for hours, have no save in sight and lose it all. Time management was an issue for me, and perhaps lack of reflexes during battles lol

Segata9d ago

I still own Medievil on PS1 and one of my fave PS1 Sony games next to Ape Escape but I admit it's been many years since I played my copy. I am pretty hyped for the remake as I'm sure it fixes any technical issues the original had.

Fullmetalevolust9d ago

Yeah I sure hope so. I liked the game. I couldn't play it. I suppose people disagreed with my motion sickness , lol.
I love Ape escape and I so happy about Spyro reignited.

Lore10d ago

Resident Evil 6. Had the most lifeless story and gameplay mechanics that I’ve ever played. Which was hard for me to accept because of how enjoyable RE4 & RE5 co-op was for me.

FloydianAndroid10d ago

There’s never been a resident evil with good gameplay mechanics.

deno9d ago

That game was so bad. I actually tried 3 times to play through different zones and I ended up quitting after some levels. Control's are horrific, zero fear factor, camera sucks, and very bland environment.

phoenixwing10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The worst game would have to be ODT or escape or die trying. Maybe it's because I was a kid but the jumping mechanics in the game were super unforgiving and ridiculous. I hated it. I wanted to love it but after i died so many times i just gave up on it.

bigmalky9d ago

I loved ODT! Such a buggy game, but I couldn't stop playing it.

voidviper10d ago

Big rig racing. You are winner

TheOnlyMastrx10d ago

Ummm probably Naughty Bear. The concept was fun, but very repetetive and the gameplay mechanics just weren't that great in my opinion. Maybe not the worst, but it is the first thing that came to mind when reading the question.