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N4G Contest - Day 1: Your First Time

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On the first day, the question we have for you is "What was the first video game you remember playing that made you want to turn video games into a hobby?"

For me, it was The Black Cauldron. It wasn't the first game I played, which technically were the BASIC ski and dungeon games that required you to code them first. But, I had never truly experienced a real video game until then and I don't recall why my father bought it at all, but he did and I got to play it two years after it originally released, but it felt like a whole new world to me.

What I loved about the game was that it was the first time experiencing a game that combined story, world interaction, and the fear that clicking some random thing would suddenly result in death. For some reason, the frustration of trying to find that one thing that I needed after an hour of going through the same screens over and over just got me hooked. I couldn't let the game win and it drove me to finish the game eventually and then save up money for other games in the same genre, from King's Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, Bard's Tale, and beyond.

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cl198315d ago

Duck Hunt on the original NES.

Fullmetalevolust14d ago

Duck hunt is definitely one of my first memories. I remember playing it at my cousin's house.
It wasn't til we got a Sega Mastersytem that I truly got sucked into the world of videogames. Alex Kidd was everything to me. Also owned Wonderboy. Games were so tough back then, brutal to kids my age lol

bigmalky14d ago

Wonderboy in Monsterland brings back good memories.

rainslacker14d ago

Loved that game, but hated that dog.

lxeasy15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Super Mario World, I remember taking turns with my cousins in their bedroom early mornings.

Leeroyw14d ago

Probably the same. There was this new game that had every world be different to the last. You could go in different directions, short cuts. You could finish it but not really. It had super elements that you could only do on the second play through... Fantastic.

anonymousfan14d ago

I would do that too once a year but my turn would only last a few minutes... I kept dying. Damn I used to think that game was so hard :P (I was really bad at it)

luckytrouble15d ago

The first game that captivated me and made me truly want to be a gamer? The kudos could probably go to a few JRPGs back on the PS1, but I'll give major credit to The Legend of Dragoon. It encouraged me to explore other JRPGs and led me to many other noteworthy titles. To this day, my most fondly remembered games all share JRPG roots, but it caused me to seek games with similar themes, battle systems, general game play styles, and more that expanded into my highly varied tastes today.

Parasyte15d ago

Super Mario World. That was what started it all.

anonymousfan14d ago

I didn't own a Nintendo console until the Wii / DS but damn Mario is sooo Nostalgic, especially because of Super Mario World. I can't wait to go to Osaka once Nintendo Land is built.

HylianMigz15d ago

until i was 6 years we lived with my grandma who was extremely jehovahs witness, and i wasnt allowed to play video games or do much of anything. my older brother and i found my uncles snes in the closet downstairs and would wait until super late at night and play LoZ A Link to the Past.