Comparison: Next-Generation (Unreal Engine 4) vs Current-Generation (CryEngine 3 / Creation)

DSOGaming writes: "We bet that a lot of you are wondering how current-generation engines compare to the upcoming, next-generation version of the Unreal Engine, right? Well, time to find out. In this special feature, we compare Crysis 2′s (CryEngine 3) and Skyrim’s engine (the Creation engine) with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4."

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Orpheus2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

The polygonal detail on the mountain (UE4) , in the scene where the demon is standing , looks like shit ( Its been modified , the mountain part is missing here

) .... so much for making people gasp. Some areas are really good though ... but I expected something better.

BTW another engine I would like to see in action is the 4A engine ....... Russians Rock when it comes to Graphics.

wallis2533d ago

What mountain where the demon is standing? All I see is fire and a demon.

And honestly is it really shit? You realize photorealism is an asymptote and as time goes on computer graphics will only have smaller and smaller gaps to close so really what you're saying is that a tiny piece of detail in an otherwise incredible display of graphics isn't up to far as you say. Honestly I can't see a single piece of poor polygon count in any of these pictures but even if it is it's a slight flaw. It's not "shit" - especially considering that we've already come so damn close to photorealism that OTHER features of engines are now very important to consider.

From optimization to AI systems there's plenty the unreal engine 4 isn't letting on or hasn't told us and a quick screenshot is nothing but a tease of the full power. What really makes an engine is more than raw graphics and boy does the 4A engine prove this. The 4A engine? Really!? As in the engine that broke my computer for a corridor but achieved 54 fps in a city scene. The engine that will change performance when you leave and re-enter a room. The engine that has worse AI than solitaire. The engine that is less optimized than internet explorer without a firewall or anti-virus.

I freakin' love stalker and I love metro but even I recognize that the 4A engine (an engine which btw had to do nothing but render subways and a quick forty five minute jaunt through the surface) is a piece of crap compared to most others. It's nothing but an engine turned all the way up. Anyone can achieve good graphics if they make the engine run like trash. Also the piece of shit forced motion blur which is a great way to turn a good game into six hours of motion sickness for those of us sensitive to it. But of course they couldn't turn of motion blur because their engine featured terrible ghosting because that's what happens when you force an overpowered graphics engine to run on computers than actually... ya know... exist in the real world.

Orpheus2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Look at the link i provided . And when I mentioned the 4A engine , I referred to the updated one by which Metro LL is being built ... the original was good too ... in many ways.

mewhy322533d ago

Well there's little doubt that both are superior engines but to say that one or the other is best???? I just don't think that there's enough here to say that yet. Let's see what games developers do and have to say about it. You know, people that actually make games? They're statements about hardware and software are the best informed.

MaxXAttaxX2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Exhibit A:
Y'all know the rest.

However SOME of these screens seem legit.

ATi_Elite2533d ago

1. Frostbite 2
2. Real Virtuality 4 (ArmA 3)
3. 4A Engine
4. CryEngine 3
5. X-Ray Engine (STALKER)
6. RAGE/Euphoria Engine (GTAIV)

For me these are the best game engines! When it comes to PC gaming Photo realism, Scale, and Physics play a big big part in PC Gaming and these Engines are the top 6 best!

The Rage/Euphoria engine from GTAIV has proven to be a Beast when properly tuned/modded for the PC! The amount of things it can do is worthy of this prestigious list!

john22533d ago

Gotta agree. RAGE engine (when moddded) looks phenomenal. GTA IV modded is by far one of the best looking PC games. Would love to see an upgraded version of it with better and proper multi-CPU and multi-GPU support

STONEY42533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I love S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but the X-ray
Engine, even in Call of Pripyat with Complete Mod, ranges from looking extremely good to looking downright awful. The foilage draw distance... ughh. I'm pretty sure there's an .ini edit to change it, but I played through without it. Still, it definitely isn't a top 5 engine.

mep692532d ago


Rage ? modded ?? modded Rage ???

Rage isn't moddable, as they never realeased mod tools.

Arnon2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

It looks like shit compared to what? You can't just say that it looks like shit without comparing it to something else that would make it look like said shit. It looks a hell of a lot better than anything currently out.

ChickeyCantor2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

That "mountain" you are referring to is the Particle mesh which has a shader to render the dust cloud coming out of the volcano.

JokesOnYou2532d ago

I'm no Super Duper tech analyst but I trust my eyes and those UE4 pics look freak in sick, if next Gen engines will deliver these type of high end graphics I'm in no complaints, ha well I'm a gamer so I'm buying consoles that play great games either way.

Sony3602532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

I wonder how you were able to see the "polygonal detail" without any wireframe or polygons being displayed in these images?

Unless you are able to tell the difference between normal maps, polygons, and what's tesselated on an object at a distance.

No. You can't.

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WeskerChildReborned2533d ago

Either way, i can't wait to see the UE4 demo that's suppose to be at E3.

john22533d ago

Same here. Let's hope that Epic will leak it before E3 :D

WeskerChildReborned2533d ago

No way lol, i wan't to wait to see it :P

dorron2533d ago

I'm not impressed at all...

h311rais3r2533d ago

I'd hate to buy u a present :/

GamingPerson2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

This is running on Nvidia gpu!

See the light particles around the eyes?

like this.

Sony3602532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Don't be so bitter.

MYSTERIO3602533d ago

UE4 when is this going out?

cstyle2533d ago

The real reason some of you aren't impressed is that you know that this engine will debut with the next gen xbox and it will look better than anything on PS3 and xbox360. Get over yourself guys, the engine is impressive and will probably blow away your favorite looking game this gen, as it should.

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