Here is Why 3D Gaming has Failed

by: SoldierX

Back in early 2010 the first affordable 3D TV’s started to roll out of the manufacturing line and into the retail stores. We didn’t know it at the time but the 3D movement was set up to fail from the start and so was 3D gaming.

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Cennus2530d ago

I just don't find a better experience with 3D gaming. That's the only reason why I don't care for it.

badz1492530d ago

and I think the reason is because Sony is the biggest supporter of it at the moment! if it's MS, articles about how 3D is awesome, will change gaming etc. will pop out instead from left and right.

just think about it. 3D gaming is not new and nVidia 3D vision came out earlier than Sony's push for 3D with less availability of 120Hz monitors at that time to make it happen at the least but there weren't any article like this back then! so, why now? why when the 3DTVs are already everywhere and affordable that people start saying 3D gaming will fail? why just focus on 3D console gaming? there's no difference between console and pc 3D gaming! it's just that Sony is pushing it on the console side, so, let's focus all the hate there!

Cennus2530d ago

I said nothing about Sony. I just said I don't find that it increases my experience.

badz1492530d ago

I didn't say you said Sony either. I was generally commenting on the article. I used the reply button but no, I'm not blasting you.

I've said this several times in the past already but I'll say it again. 3D is mainly about perspective although there are some games mandating the use of 3D on 3DS. when talking about perspective, the experience will be different from one person to another and it's not strange if there are groups that don't want it (you maybe in this group) but don't forget about the group that appreciate it! so, the article saying 3D gaming in general is failing is actually totally neglecting the crowd that appreciate 3D as it is! a pretty dumb thing to say IMO!

jetlian2530d ago

its not sony its all the content providers. If every tv had 3d this wouldnt be a problem. If 3d movies were sold at reasonable prices this wouldnt be a problem.

in the early stages of 3d most of the good movies were packed in with 3d glasses making movies 200-300 dollars. Amazon in all its greatness was selling avatar bluray for 170 without glasses!

Few things need to happen 1 the content shouldnt cost more. 2 glasses need to be standard if its active. 3 3d needs to be normal and not an addon

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32530d ago

People don't like it because they can't afford it. Reminds me of people that hate that tech company named after a fruit...

Bigpappy2530d ago

No, you think if Sony is pushing it as a Sony fanboy it is your job to cry "conspiracy!" even though Nintendo is pushing it just as hard. Face it, as of right now, 3D gaming HAS failed. The developers are not gravitating towards it even though there are more 3D tv's out there and the prices have fallen.

May be next gen it will pickup, but I don't fault Sony for trying to lead innovation with this. It is also not lost on me that it was also an effort to use the large base of gamers to try and drive the TV business the they did with Bluray.

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dantesparda2530d ago

F-that, 3D is a plus, period! I much rather have it than not have it and i like it!

Jazz41082530d ago

It gives me a headache.

Felinox2530d ago

Once next gen comes with hardware capable of 3D people will change thier minds. I think this might be one of the main benefits of next gen.

Xbot3602530d ago

Hmmm not dead...sleeping.

Nitrowolf22530d ago

lol yep. TBH 3D can never died. I mean it has existed somewhere between 50-100 years already (the concept at least). I think they made some great advancement this generation alone though. 3D display with no glasses, dual screens, available from home.

Raider692530d ago

Well i cant stand 3D games and movies!For me the quality of the picture dispay in 3DHD in movie theaters dont have the same color deep has the normal digital HD picture without 3D,in 3D the picture and frame looks washed, not to mentions that it takes more or less 15 to 20 minutes until your brain and eyes get fully adapt to 3D display image.In games i really dont like it.And 3D with glasses will never stick.

Y_51502530d ago

I like 3D gaming! It enhances the experience IMO. Which one is more immersion though, Motion gaming or 3D gaming?

Felinox2530d ago

Cant they go hand in hand. Imagine Skyrim in 3D with move support. Might be pretty sweet.

Y_51502529d ago

I'm pretty sure Killzone 3 has both of those features! :)

Nerdmaster2530d ago

Since I bought NVidia's 3D Vision, there are certain games that I simply refuse to play in 2D. Racing games, Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5, Assassin's Creed, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3... Playing them in 2D is like closing one eye.

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