The Truth About Violent Youth And Video Games

"Thanks to the current media frenzy and barrage of lawsuits surrounding violent video games, Duke Ferris can't tell people what he do for a living without getting a lecture on the current plague of youth violence and the scourge that is Grand Theft Auto. Duke Ferris decided it was time for a rebuttal more effective than shrugging and saying, "Well, I think you're wrong."

So Duke Ferris sat down to write this article, and started doing some research. What Duke Ferris discovered startled me. He's not sure he have the ability to write a totally serious piece - it is not in his nature to be serious, nor the nature of GR - but the issues are very serious indeed and the evidence is very real."

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AceLuby3927d ago

Everyone on this site should read this. Basically ever since the PS1 came out violent crimes have gone down. Not only this, but violent crimes among youth has gone down as well. It actually shows a correlation between violent video games and the 'decrease' of violent crime. Hmmm...

AceLuby3927d ago

This is news and what should be discussed here and not another BR vs HD-DVD thread.

Stapler3927d ago

Very good read, really interesting how the charts and playstation era match so flawlessly with one an other, gotta wonder what Jack Thompson would find to say about this -_-

titntin3927d ago

What a great article. It just goes to show just how much media hype gets swallowed up in our culture despite plain facts that disprove it..

Godoftheweek3927d ago

I remember reading this article about a year ago. I forwarded it to Jack"videogamesrbadmmkay& quot;Thompson, and many other news sites. I never heard back from ANY of them, surprise surprise, especially Jack. I encourage everyone of you to forward this article to news stations, your politicians, EVERYONE. The time to expose the blatant lies about videogames is at hand. We have to do something now, b4 it is too late.

Send them emails every single FRACKING day, do not give up, just like Andy never gave up in sending out letters in Shawshank Redemption.

The media does NOT want this to get out, as this will immediately discredit the YEARS of bullchit they have been feeding the lemmings (general population)

Please, please, please.....continue to forward this article on a DAILY basis to the media and politicians.