Alienware New Laptop Line Gaming Performance Report

"...It was there that we were allowed to preview and play with the latest in Alienware gaming hardware. In our report we will be discussing the newest laptop line from the crew featuring the newest Sandybridge Intel Processing architecture and the latest in gaming graphics processing technologies..." ~ Capsule Computers

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masterabbott2527d ago

These laptops look friken awesome!

Mythicninja2525d ago

Build your own...immense satisfaction, and half the price.

hellvaguy2524d ago

U cant really build your own laptop. For w/e reason the manufacturers have all the parts on lockdown and all the most motherboards dont even let u upgrade the graphics cards.

ninjahunter2525d ago

Im likeing the M14x r2, Its got some real nice gaming horsepower for a laptop that you can actually carry around. An improvement in every are for the same price. Makes me regret getting an R1