Review: Risen 2 - Squandered Potential - LevelSave

Edward writes: "I loved Risen, even though it had more bugs than a termite nest. The fresh setting, the open-ended world, and the action-oriented combat all made for a very engaging game. So I was very excited to find out that a Risen 2 was being made, and not only that, but it would also have guns, pirates and voodoo in it. I really wanted to love this game, and believe me, it takes effort. I struggled through the first sections with a character who was an expert in Voodoo, but totally unable to use it. Then, 30 hours in, I ran into a game-breaking bug which corrupts all my saves after that point, and now I cannot find a way forward. (That last part is very reminiscent of my Risen experience, actually.)"

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