The Top 7... lovable blobs

Only videogames could make squishy lumps of gunge adorable - here are a few irresistible examples from Games Radar:

"Videogames are weird. Weird. Rules that apply to books, television and movies don't work at all here. Take blobs, for example; so far, Hollywood has produced only one major blob protagonist, and it was a pink monster that devoured everything in its wake. Conventional wisdom holds that nothing that horrible could ever be made cute or marketable, let alone heroic, and yet videogame history is filled with cute blobs who've touched the hearts of millions and become more memorable and beloved than many human characters."

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Relcom3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

Some of you may remember. You know the bad guy that you have to shoot eggs at until it reaches the heart. He should be a honorable mention. I know he is a bad guy but he looked lovable to me.

Skerj3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

I thought I dropped acid when I played LocoRoco for the first time and they all started singing with different voices, that was freaking trippy.
I think Kirby wins though, if only for the fact that he canibalizes his victims and then steals their stuff to use to kill others. That's pretty f'd up right there.