What Constitutes an Acceptable Release?

In this article, a few recent game releases are compared and the discussion focuses on what standards developers and consumers should be held to when a new game drops.

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yeahokchief2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

OH suddenly gamebreaking bugs/issues in major releases is a big issue now.

Nevermind when it happened on the PS3 with both Skyrim and Battlefield and everyone brushed it off. Karma bitches. What goes around comes around. We're all in this failboat of a gaming industry together regardless of platform. You ignored it then. Now deal with it. lol.

And I must say, I've had 0 problems playing Max Payne 3. Fucking Quality. Worth every penny to support the developers doing it right.

NeoTribe2345d ago

Wow pull the panties out of ur asscrack. Blizzard are at the top for great developers and games. Your gonna beat max payne and then its gonna sit in ur shelf not touched forever unlike these blizzard titles u like to hate on. You think they wanted this to happen? What online based game like this doesn't have hurdles in the beginning. Its all fixed and runnin perfect now so there's no more need for hate. Max payne can't touch what is diablo.

yeahokchief2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

The game may sit on my shelf, but the memories of one of the most kick ass stories in gaming will stay with me forever. Personally I prefer games that end. And actually there is planned DLC so it probably won't be sitting on my shelf at least until GTA V comes out.

I have no hate for Blizzard itself. I have hate for what they are doing to the gaming industry and the example they are setting. They used to be the good guys.

Valve is the new Blizzard. They are focused on their customers. They aren't out catering to casuals who will pick up gaming for 1 month and toss it aside. They aren't being sued by their former employees for unpaid work. They aren't separating their games into piecemeal parts to maximize profits. Remember the days of Warcraft 3? When we got a beast of a FULL game and the expansion to it was even bigger and better?

Max Payne was a much better game than Diablo. It stayed true to the franchise, innovated and made improvements. Diablo, while it was a good game from what i've seen, did not overshoot the expectations set with Diablo 2 for diehard fans from what I've read. Good games meet expectations. Great games blow expectations away.

Good day son.

yeahokchief2338d ago

Judging by your lack of grammar, I'm going to guess that you're young, so you probably don't remember the days of Warcraft 3. I don't expect you to understand. You don't know how good we used to have it. Enjoy your games. Good luck on collecting the pony mount.