The Diablo Podcast Episode 4 - Top Diablo Franchise Complaints

This week the team discusses some of the worst aspects of the Diablo franchise as well as the latest news.

Elronza592d ago

This was fun and informative.


Diablo IV PC Ray Tracing Comparison: Is There A Noticeable Improvement?

The ray tracing update Diablo IV on PC has been released, and if you're wondering whether there's a noticeable improvement, read ahead.

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anast20d ago

It still looks like an Immortal skin.


Diablo 4 PC On Game Pass Requires Battle.Net To Install; Lacks Xbox Achievements Support

Diablo 4 seemingly lacks Xbox achievements support on Game Pass. It will also require you to install Battle.net to play.

helicoptergirl21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Lacks Xbox Achievement support? If I played on Xbox this would infuriate me. Surely it's just an error and will be rectified shortly? If they only allow Battle.net's own crappy achievements then Xbox fans need to kick up a fuss about this. I mean Microsoft own the developer.


i agree im only on PlayStation and i don't play any game that doesn't have Trophies weird that a Microsoft Owns Them and no Achievements.

Andrew33621d ago

Are you a child? Who wont play a game because trophies and achievements?

KwietStorm_BLM20d ago

I've heard some weird reasons to not play a game but..

_Decadent_Descent20d ago

@Andrew336 I sometimes like getting achievements/trophies, but it certainly is never a game-breaker for me.

GamerRN20d ago

Yeah I strictly play games for the trophies also ... 🙄

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21d ago
LabRat21d ago

I believe it has achievements on Xbox. It is only PC users who are not getting them, if I am reading this correctly

thesoftware73020d ago

Huh? Why wouldn't it need Battlenet on PC? There is no native Xbox GP PC D4. This is just like EA games on PC GP, you need EA to play. Is this supposed to be an issue? wow people really need to relax.

MS owns Battlenet now; they are essentially giving you the PC game that already exists for free.

DivineHand12520d ago

Before anyone gets confused, this is not the console version they are talking about. They are talking about the version of Diablo 4 you download via the Xbox app on PC.

This may be one of the reasons why we haven't seen all of Activision library hit game pass as yet. They would have to implement Xbox achievements to the PC versions of those games available via the Xbox app on PC.


Diablo 4 Is Getting A Beauty Upgrade On PC

Diablo 4 is going to be more visually appealing on PC, with ray tracing arriving on March 26.

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just_looken34d ago

The game is saved we have better lighting in a game that has a top down view hazahh