Diablo III Has Some Problems

Even though Activision Blizzard doesn’t see how a required internet connection is a form of DRM, we know that’s a bunch of PR bull. Let us be your Virgil and walk you through the lows of Diablo’s launch.

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Amazingmrbrock3663d ago

The always on line thing is such a stupid move. Here I can solve the single player hacking modding to multiplayer problem right now.

Store multiplayer character saves on blizzard servers. There solved can we be rid of the drm now.

In any case they aren't souly responsible I'm jure the creative process worked like this.

Blizzard: Made diablo 3

Activision: Insisted upon drm, and the auction house

Trenta273663d ago

Oh, Activision. You are so silly.

Derpy3663d ago

Well said.

It's both sad and funny that there are so many naive gamers out there supporting and defending the the always online DRM.

People, just because you like a game, doesn't mean you have to whole heartedly support the DRM it uses.

reznik_zerosum3663d ago

still no crack for d3 good news for blizz !

Saryk3663d ago

I am so glad I haven't bought this.............yet.......... ..

-MD-3663d ago

I've already put 15 hours into it so I'm glad I bought it.