Retro Revisits: Bushido Blade

A writer from the One More Level gaming blog remembers Square's classic fighting game for the PS1, Bushido Blade.

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Emilio_Estevez3664d ago

Loved that game, think I still have it somewhere.

TrueScythe3664d ago

Lol! Play it w/ a friend for old times' sake.

DarkSniper3664d ago

Bushido Blade was the pioneer in bringing an ultra realistic approach to the fighting game genre. This game is a perfect representation of Squaresoft in their prime and at their best.

The best feature in Bushido Blade was the fact that one hit could kill you and you lose the match. If you get sliced anywhere in your limbs(arms,legs etc.), than that part of your body remains incapacitated.

As always, if you wish to re-live this classic, Bushido Blade can only be found on PlayStation. Playable on ALL PlayStation platforms.


Lucretia3664d ago

ur almost funny with that "This game is a perfect representation of Squaresoft in their prime and at their best" line.

13-2 is great, all of SE's handheld games were great, and well, for HD consoles they only made ff13 and 13-2. only published the others so i dont know why people act like square sucks for one mediocre game

kasasensei3664d ago

Oh men, that game was something...
Kengo was very good too, more stuff to do, unlock and collect.
I miss those.

Lord_Sloth3664d ago

I have both Bushido Blade 1 and 2.

Still put 'em in once in a while to fight my brother and cousin. Awesome fun!

We need a new 1 though!!!

Sizzon3664d ago

Bushido Blade 2 is awesome ^^

Seventh_Blood_Reborn3664d ago

A HD remake would be a must buy for me.

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