EverQuest Shows Up On PSN Store

GamerXChange:"The rumors have been around for a while now: The popular MMO franchise EverQuest by Sony Online Entertainment may be coming to PS3...another hint that EverQuest will be coming to the PS3, may have been in front of us for a while, hidden in plain sight. "

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SoundGamer3664d ago

Make it F2P and I'll be down.

Snookies123664d ago

Well Everquest 2 is free to play on Steam, so I'd think it would be the same if this or the second one came to PSN.

R_aVe_N3664d ago

Everquest is free to play now up to level 80 i think it was.

Pintheshadows3664d ago

Cool. Been a while since I played Everquest.

JoySticksFTW3664d ago

Same here.

I actually jumped back into FFXI a few months ago, and was thinking about jumping into EQ after reading all of the changes.

Crappy corpse runs are gone.

Even fans on the newer servers that are dedicated to starting from the first game and slowly unlocking the expansion packs that have long since been released, have voted against adding corpse runs back in.

ThatMiamiGuy3664d ago

I used to be in love with this game back in the day. Hoping to see some current or next gen love because my PC is crap. Ha!

Cueil3664d ago

No... I don't doubt the new EQ remake will be on PS3 or 4 the old one doesn't make any sense

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