Analysis: will digital distribution erase gaming culture?

Graham McCann discusses the impact the move toward digital distribution will have on the world of gamers.

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NYC_Gamer3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Nah,there's enough room for both digital and retail to co exist....Most of my games brought are digital on PC besides the console only games i own...Bring on a sweet collectors edition and i'll buy it full retail..

acidbrn3663d ago

I don't see digital killing retail games anytime soon. Digital downloads have yet to kill of the movie industry, likewise with music sales. Hell how long has vinyl been "dead" for now, and yet records are still pressed and sold.

Digital games may one day become the dominate distribution method, but I dont ever see it being done away with.

Elderly_Cynic3663d ago

I think it depends on how long a timeline you're talking about. Will digital completely take over in the next few years? Highly doubtful. Fifty years, though...

acidbrn3663d ago

Fifty years, yeah I can see digital being the only source of obtaining media. By then though I imagine they will have solved many of the problems that currently plague digital distribution.

StayStatic3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Agree with everything in here so far , good points.

Still going to be use for digital and retail distribution for a while.

Sharodan3663d ago

Maybe not 'erase', but it's certainly changing gaming culture in offering more options to both gamers and developers.

byeGollum3663d ago

We will always have options.