Evochron Mercenary Interview (TruePCGaming)

TPG had the privilege of speaking to the head of StarWraith 3D Games, Shawn Bower. He goes into great detail about his grand space-sim title, Evochron Mercenary. You will read his thoughts on the PC gaming industry, where is love of sci-fi came from, the personal struggles of juggling development with a full-time job and much more.

Outside of creating the game itself, what is the toughest aspect of being an indie developer?

"By far, the toughest aspect for me is the workload. I’m fairly certain I have trimmed 10-15 years off my life from the stress of working on my projects over the years. The long hours, lack of sleep, and constant to-do lists have taken a toll. Now at 35+ with the effects of that toll becoming more apparent, I’m probably going to have to start reformulating that development."

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Starwraith’s Shawn Bower Discusses the Evochron Mercenary Expansion [Just Press Start]

Jeff of Just Press Start writes:

"Starwraith 3D Games LLC’s Shawn Bower took some time recently to discuss the mega expansion for Evochron Mercenary. Players have access to a bevy of new features too numerous to list here, including my personal favorite, Terrain Walkers! Look here for all of the details. The game is available here, and on Steam for $24.99. I’ve already reviewed Evochron Mercenary, so you KNOW I’m a fan- I have my mech at long last!!!"

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PCGamer - Evochron Mercenary Review

There’s nothing quite as liberating as finding yourself in the middle of the universe with your own ship, a million possible destinations and nothing to do except make your own fun. Mercenary. Trader. Racer. Soldier. Intergalactic power broker. Your ship can get you to your destiny just as well as it jumps between stars – if not quite as quickly.


Evochron Mercenary Review | lvl30.com

lvl30.com: "Evochron Mercenary, the latest installment of Starwraith 3D Games’ Evochron series, no doubt scares away a lot of pilots from taking off into the Bryce 3D-like visuals. But under the hood of this indie game lies complex and rewarding gameplay for those who dare to master what the stars throw at them."