Retro lookback: Theme Hospital

"Incoming patients with bloaty head!" Bullfrog's Theme Hospital was a risk for EA back in 1997. Thankfully for them it was one that paid off...

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jjdoyle3654d ago

Retro gaming FTW! Love some of the older games. Even if they were simple in mechanics, many had depths in them not seen today.

SecretPsycho3654d ago

I still play that on my psp :3

Tornadobounce3654d ago

Haha yes! I used to love this game.

hospitalfrenzy3654d ago

Hi all we have a game on the AppStore similar to this called Hospital Frenzy. A free lite version is avalible to try containing the first 5 levels!

BIXOMAU3654d ago

Be aware that recently added this game to its catalog!

Buy it here:
(fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit))