Five Reasons Sony is Killing The PS Vita’s Success

Triverse writes, "It is no big secret that Sony is having a hard time getting people to adopt the PS Vita hand held which they have pitted against Nintendo’s 3DS. Nintendo has similar problems with their hand held, which they alleviated by a price drop..."

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smashcrashbash2444d ago

Remember all those articles about how Sony is killing the PS3 and if they wanted to bury it they should have just said so? And hasn't the PS3 gotten better and better over the years? So why do we always boomerang back to the same thing every single time?

NastyLeftHook02444d ago

because they get away with it. people look at the sensational headline and click on the link and give the website hits. that is all they want basically, waste of time and space articles get approved while conveniently getting more viewers while creating havok.

gaffyh2444d ago

Was just about to say the same thing, these websites really can't wait to jump on the "It's DOOMED I tells ya!" bandwagon. At the current price, Sony isn't losing money on the device, so it doesn't bother them that much that it isn't selling. They know what they need to sell it, and that's games, and if that doesn't work, then they'll cut the price as well. For the amount of tech you get, it's still quite cheap.

GribbleGrunger2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

the very fact that it's almost always 5 reasons for this and 5 reasons for that, shows how arbitrary these articles are. clearly they just sit down with the number 5 and attempt to fill the list in. if there was a legitimate case to be made then it would just be that: a (only one) legitimate case. this is kindergarten journalism, although i'm probably being flattering calling them 'journalists'

MasterCornholio2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Oh yes I remember those times very well. I used to own a 360 due to all the superior multiplats and those sweet exclusives (like Bioshock) then the 360 got a Kinection with the casuals so I sold it off and got myself a PS3.

Seriously if anyone is killing their console it's Microsoft with Kinect.


dark-hollow2444d ago

so people who wants the vita to succeed are now "haters"?

come on! selling 50-60 thousands in a weekly basis for a new platform is very bad! how can you all live in your own bubbles where a company loosing more than 6 billions in a year is the "norm"

i want the vita to succeed, i wont just sit there and pretend everything is rainbows and sunshines! sony redeemed the ps3 with more great software and a huge price cut, thats why its now leading the charts worldwide and i want the same for the vita.

BitbyDeath2444d ago

That 6 billion a year has nothing to do with anything gaming related.

MrMister2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Because the Vita reminds us of the dismal PSP. The PS3 got waaaay better (I own one with over 40 disc and psn games), but the Vita makes me cringe at the thought of it becoming like the PSP. i just don't understand why Sony doesn't market for it more aggressively. Stating their recent financial troubles is no excuse for their lack of advertising support towards the Vita and their lack of marketing towards their awesome 1st party games. Not advertising will just cost them more money since people will be less aware of the products/software. Sony needs to find cheaper ways to get the word out about their awesome services & products.

gapecanpie2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Hand held are a thing of the past and tablets are the future. Sony wasted there time making the Vita, the only people who are buying it are the Hardcore Sony elitist.

The only way this thing is going to sell is if they drop the price of the Vita and the overpriced memory cards.

Its kinda funny how everyone was saying at least with the ps3 you can put your own HDD in and with the 360 you can't and you have to pay for a overprice HDD etc. LoL look like the shoe is on the other foot now.

milohighclub2443d ago

People forget that Sony have their "10 year plan" so even if vita didn't make a profit for the next 5 years(not saying that will happen) then they would still have 5 more years of profit. They do need a price drop at some point but I honestly believe that as soon as the games start coming and you can get resistance or killzone bundles it will sell more.
I don't believe it's n trouble, at all to be honest.

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kratos1232444d ago

1million reasons why game journalists should stop playing economic/marketing expert because it is not your field of expertise. It's remarkable to see all the journalists think they can do a better job please shut up

Sucitta2444d ago

most of them are hardly journalists. men in mothers basement is more along the lines of reality.

Christopher2444d ago

I'll have you know I live in my mother's attic!

etownthree2444d ago

Did you guys even read the article?

The author wasn't bashing... He just bought up good points to help the psvita.

Drop price, better games, and include a memory card would really help it out.

smashcrashbash2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

The same points everyone has been saying for the last few months. Just like the same points everyone made when the PS3 first came out. Over and over and over and over again. We heard you and saying it hundred times isn't going to make it happen any faster. Sony is a company and has their own plans and they are not going to listen to your suggestions.

If Sony had listened to everyone's 'suggestions' years ago we wouldn't even have the PS3. Stop the lists and suggestions. That is why Sony is the multi billion dollar company and you are the 'journalist' pointing out the same point everyone already repeated before you did. First hundred times is endearing anything after that is annoying.

Sony is obviously going more for focused differentiation rather then a broad low cost business strategy. It is a solid strategy whether people try to put them down or not. Sony has decided to go down this path and yelling at them to stop won't make a difference. So stop the 'what is wrong with the VITA' articles.

Everyone has attacked everything Sony has done in the last few years and they still did better then anyone thought. Remember how everyone was the 'expert' and knew 100% that Bluray would be beaten by HD-DVD. And now Bluray is only second to DVD in media format.In short stop the advice. They are not listening to you. They have long term,short term and contingency plans. They are not going to change them because you keep giving them advice.

@ dark-hollow. Why? Do you know something we don't know. Do you know what Sony's plans are? People always say 'This looks bad' for everything Sony has done INCLUDING the PS1 and PS2. Why must we constantly go on about about it? Why are you trying to be more concerned then the company itself?

I have never seen people act up this way about a console.Many consoles have failed or looked like they were not going so good. Why do Sony people have to act up every time something doesn't look so good. 360 owners spent 3 years with RROD without freaking out over it, 3DS owners waited patiently for more games so why must we over react about everything? The endless whining and crying does nothing. Whatever happens will happen.Your so called concern is getting annoying.

InTheLab2444d ago

Drop price + mem card= why bother trying to make money....

I agree with the games thing, but that's mostly due to impatience. The thing launched with fantastic games and has been out for only a few months. Name another console or handheld that's had a better launch the the PSV.

etownthree2444d ago

The 3ds is now selling at a loss, but the price drop has put the 3ds on top of the charts.

Sony definitely has to do a price soon if they plan to move units like the 3ds. Or they can let more time go by and it will be the ds/psp all over again.

kratos1232444d ago

Please don't give me the price argument. Dre beats headphones are selling for 300€ over here and it sells like candy same thing for the iPhone 4s is like 500€ and people still complaint about the best handheld money can buy . Price point is a Invalid argument in my opinion .

beerkeg2444d ago

It's a shame such a powerful handheld isn't getting held by that many people around the world who may want to hold it.

Hopefully it's getting held by more people who want a handheld to hold next year.

Hopefully then it will have a hold on the handheld market which is held by another handhold.

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