Survarium: New Details Emerge

From their Facebook page today, Vosotek Games released more information on their upcoming MMOFPS project, Survarium. After the cancellation of Stalker 2, and subsequent announcement of work on a free to play MMOFPS, many gamers have actively been looking for more information on this intriquing title.

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RageQuitRebels3656d ago

I for one am looking forward to new environments on a broader scale and another stab at the MMO-FPS genre.

kdogdaddy3656d ago

Definitely worth a look into considering too many MMO-FPS attempts fail miserably.

NYC_Gamer3656d ago

I'm looking forward to more details on the missions

kdogdaddy3656d ago

Agreed, I loved the ominous and somehow realistic post-apocalyptic nature of the environments.