Amazing artwork done on a PS Vita via Paint park

Paint Park Vita released a few weeks back. Me and others called it a poor mans Microsoft Pain. Well Check these out...........

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

pretty good considering you have very little control. I have some pretty wide fingers so i can't do any of that. Wonder if you can use a stylus for it.

Crap now i gotta see if I can do something like that....

teedogg802439d ago

I tried using my daughters Nintendo DS stylus and it didn't work :(

MasterCornholio2439d ago

Sure you can because on mine I use a capacitive stylus which works great.


Waddy1012439d ago

The magnifying glass does help a bit though :). It is possible to buy a touch screen stylus that will allow you to draw with it.

PT Fone Home2439d ago

wow! better than my stick man that I drew!

jujubee882439d ago

It is amazing. Essentially, this is drawn with fingers on that capacitive display.

Very good. The stick figure was a nice touch to contrast too. Haha

Frankfurt2439d ago

That's amazing? Looks like a 13yo (God of War's audience, after all) drew it.

Drawing on Vita or not, an ugly drawing is an ugly drawing.

BlaqMagiq242439d ago

Really? So you can draw better than that? Show me some proof you can, like in a video, and ill agree with you.

Nakiro2439d ago

Don't feed the troll.

WooHooAlex2439d ago

The Portal one is the best.

Bowzabub2439d ago

The Hoth sketch kills the Portal one. All relative I guess.