Max Payne 3 PlayStation 3 Install Size

Gamerprompt - The install size of Max Payne 3 for the PlayStation 3 has been revealed.

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UNCyrus3655d ago

5.5GB... don't waste your time with a clickthrough.

guitarded773655d ago

I don't know why these articles still exist. It's easy and cheap enough to upgrade a PS3 hard drive if space is an issue.

blackbirdi3655d ago

you have money but me for exemple i must decied to buy the game or HDD

guitarded773655d ago

@ blackbirdi

Oh yes, the "I'm poor" argument. I can respect being on a budget, but if you can afford a PS3 and Max Payne, then you do have enough income over time to get a bigger hard drive. Allocating money can be done over time (plus you can probably get about $20 for the hard drive in your PS3 to offset the cost)... in the meantime, you may have to delete some data that you're not using. Of course I don't believe that your statement is due to the fact that you are concerned about Max Payne's install size because you have limited space... I believe you just want to argue my comment so you can feel important.

Omnislash3655d ago

I never did care about install sizes, If I dont have enough room I just delete the games I wont play anymore.... but that rarely happens anyway...

vickers5003655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )


It's a nice little detail to know. Judging by your comment, it seems as though you think these articles only exist to start fanboy wars or something.

You know they DO exist to INFORM people whether or not they need to free up some space on their hard drive, or inform people how long they might be waiting to install the game, so they don't just run out and get it and get all excited and hyped up, only to be disappointed that they will have to wait 20 minutes (maybe, some take longer than others) and download some patches as well just to play. It's nice to know what you're in for ahead of time so you can make plans accordingly (make a sandwich, watch an episode of a tv show, browse the internet, do something that needs to be done, etc. while waiting for a long install).

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MAJ0R3655d ago

That's a little extreme imo, but I guess it's either that or have multiple disks. Either way both the 360 and PS3 will need to have it installed in order for it to be play good.

Drekken3655d ago

Why are these articles approved? Its just stupid at this point. If you are out of room, delete something or buy a new, bigger HDD.

tigertron3655d ago

5.5GB? least its not between 6-8GB as someone said on Youtube. I can live with that.

stage883655d ago

Not too bad, a lot of people have huge hard drives anyway.

TheFirstClassic3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Well put. Exactly what I was thinking.

EliteDave933655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Atleast its not like the PC version.. 35GB lmao.

Reborn3655d ago

35GB would hardly hurt a PC Gamer..

Any ways, 5.5 isn't bad.

Skate-AK3655d ago

It does if all they have is a SSD since they are so expensive.

m233655d ago

35GB is nothing to a PC Gamer.

user77927883655d ago

35gb of 1080p cutscenes...

Somebody3655d ago

What is funny about 35gb? I still have 500gb of free HDD space on my PC and I'm planning to add another 2TB soon-just for fun-to add to the combined total of 4TB that is already on board. I have stopped balking at PC games' hard disk requirement years ago.

At least I don't have to swap discs to play or erase some data to make room like I used to.

Cablephish3655d ago

You gonna do a RAID 0 set up?

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