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When I first opened up Mario Tennis Open, I couldn’t help but be taken back to the fun times I had with Mario Tennis on the Game Boy Colour. It was just so much fun that I ended up spending countless hours with the game, wearing down the buttons on my handheld. With the GBA version, Mario Tennis: Power Tour, I didn’t spend as much time with it, but I still enjoyed the overall experience because it had a lot of content. Now with Mario Tennis Open on 3DS, it’s still essentially the same fun game, it’s just that there really isn’t anything that will keep you playing for an extended period of time.

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BringingTheThunder3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

every review points out that the game has so little to do, might not pick this one up

TrendyGamers3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

It's definitely still worth getting, if only for a rental.

BringingTheThunder3662d ago

yeah maybe i'll rent it. dont feel like spending $40 on a 3ds game when diablo and max payne are out tomorrow

nevin13662d ago

Mario Tennis(N64) was the game back in 2001. The gamecube version sucked.