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Edge:When Max Payne switches from a two-handed weapon to the handgun in his holster, he doesn’t reach behind his back to plant the larger gun firmly on the adhesive outer surface of his jacket. It doesn’t vanish inside the TARDIS-like confines of his pockets either, sent to that mysterious alternate dimension called the inventory screen. Instead, he loosely dangles the weapon by his side, while getting to business with the pistol in the other hand. You’d think this would make reloading tricky, but Payne has a system. He tucks the big gun in the crook of his arm, grabs and inserts a clip into his pistol with his freed hand, and lets the larger gun fall back into his grip.

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Rampaged Death3658d ago

*sigh* Don't forget people. They gave Borderlands a 6.

bumnut3658d ago

What would you giver Borderlands? It was very repetitive imo and deserved a 7 max.

Rampaged Death3658d ago

I'd probably give it an 8. Yeah it was repetitive but fun and it's a fresh take on shooters.

nveenio3658d ago

7 is believable. Lower than 7? I'd start to doubt. But I can buy anywhere from 7-9 depending on reviewer tastes.

badz1493658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

so predictable to the point that they are desperate to be seen as different from the others!

I'm not saying it should get a higher score as I have not experience the game either but when they are doing this with every big releases, people will start to question their intention. The pattern is as clear as day!

Holeran3658d ago

Borderlands to me was a 9 if you played it with at least 1 friend. How it was meant to be played.

SeekDev3658d ago

Personally, I'd give Borderlands a 7.5, because the lack of a decent story and the repetitive nature of the gameplay and missions (only repetitive after a while, of course).

The art direction, "unlimited guns," and the awesome coop goes a long way though. Obviously there's more to Borderlands than what I just wrote, but from what I can remember this is what I'd say about it.

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user54670073658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )


Theres no "They" since it was done by a differen't reviewer. Differen't people, differen't opinions....

Maybe they easily state some of the flaws of the game instead of ignoring them because it's Rockstar.

I like Borderlands and I'm guessing you long as you like the game nothing else matters

fermcr3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Borderlands deserved at least a 8 score (for me)... 6 is way to low. It's their opinion and i'll respect it. As for it's repetitiveness ... tell me one game that isn't repetitive ?

Max Payne 3 has a 7... don't know if it's deserved. I still have to try it out.

calibann3658d ago

Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion

-Mezzo-3658d ago

Borderlands was a solid 8.5, my Max Payne copy should be here anytime now. So Excited.

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Patriots_Pride3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Am 8 for BL are you mad. Its an OK game but the bad outplay the good.

Repetative Missions.
Bad Voice acting
Corny Story
Outdated graphics
Empty world
No replay value.
Easy as hell once you get Armor and Weapons Upgrades.

SeekDev3655d ago

I'd agree with some of what you said there to an extent, except for no replay value. The outdated graphics are assuaged by the art style though.

Despite all of these "faults," the game was still hysterically fun for me, so it did a lot of stuff right.

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Kanzes3658d ago

Same score with Dragon's Dogma, I see.

jthamind3658d ago

Borderlands deserved a 6. it was boring and copied almost every "idea" it had from every game under the sun. uninspired, uncreative and dull to play.

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