What Lies in Store For Mass Effect 2?

Gaming Steve writes, "Developer BioWare is reasonably tight lipped on the subject, detailing precious little info other than the fact that there are two more games stenciled in for release throughout the 360's lifespan, but behind that, nuggets prove scarce.

That doesn't mean we can't hypothesize though, does it? Perhaps do a little sleuthing of our own? Maybe even throw a few random theories into the mix. To do so will require the discussion of major spoilers, of course, so if your copy of Mass remains incomplete at this point in time, for the love of Ashley Williams, TURN BACK NOW.

With that out of the way..."

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ZTO Jamie3933d ago

PC maybe, but i doubt MS would sell the rights to Sony, unless for an very large amount of money.

Azures3933d ago

ps3 version. kotor 3 will trump mass effect series tho.

SmokeyMcBear3933d ago

maybe a game without rampant glitches or serious framerate issues or pop in.. or gameplay graphics that don't look like it belongs on the wii.

PS360WII3933d ago

Salarian squad member would be cool. More areas and perhaps respawning enemies... along with a dialogue tree that branches the story line rather than the straight line it is.

I'm hoping the DLC will be cool and allow us free roam after beating the game ^^

Douchebaggery3933d ago

after 3 play through you realise that most of the decisions you make all have the same results.

PS360WII3933d ago

yeah there is only one that actually changes things but that's in the final minuets of the game....

Skerj3933d ago

I'm just hoping for:

More planets to land on with a broader scope in geometry and population. I understand that creating totally different planets is a difficult task, but aside from the ones you land on for the story, most of the others looked far too similar.

There should be a greater emphasis on the Paragon/Renegade dynamic. In the other Bioware games, the similar system nets you more bonuses and even special abilities the other side can't obtain. KOTOR 2 had it best with you even being able to influence your crew. You can play that up in ME with access to special areas, stores, and the like that augment these bonuses and play to their strengths. For example, renegade players get access to a black market.

For the love of everything please, please, give us more than 4 side quest areas. I got so damn tired of seeing abandoned ship, above ground lab, underground lab, and cave.

I know the Asari are all monogendered, but do they all have to look EXACTLY THE SAME!? Aside for a handful being purple instead of blue, they all had the same facial geometry.

As far as the story goes, I'm hoping the main quest is longer than in the first game. Granted I spent 43 hours on my initial play through, the majority of that was finishing every single sidequest in the game.

And the coup de grace, I'm not going to deep into it because it's a giant spoiler. But there's a certain choice you make after a boss battle that had no ramifications on the rest of the story. I think it'd be cool if the save file carries over to the next game and you can see the result of your actions. If you've completed the game to at least that part you'll know what I'm talking about, if not then PM me and I'll tell you.

ME was an awesome game but like any game there was room for improvement. I have no doubt that Bioware will rock the sequels as the first one was a set up for a great story. I just hope they take advantage of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.