Sniper Elite V2′s sales success: a victory for diversity

PS3A says: "Sniper Elite V2 received number ones across the world last week, and it is now sitting on a healthy 77 Metacritic rating. This is a remarkable achievement for developer Rebellion and publisher 505 Games for a few reasons."

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snipes1013667d ago

I bought it on a whim and quite enjoyed it. I really wish Rebellion could get a slightly bigger budget, though. The AI was doodoo.

AtomicGerbil3667d ago

I think the AI was my only complaint. Looking forward to more Sniper Elite.

Knushwood Butt3667d ago

This only sold because it has the word, 'sniper', in the title.

Still, fair play to them.

pr0digyZA3666d ago

I think it sold because the game had a fun demo. Many people including myself bought it despite the reviews.

Sniperwithacause3666d ago

I know I sure bought it due to the demo! even went and preordered and got a bullet key chain.

snipes1013666d ago

Actually, the game is averaging in the 7's, which isnt really a bad score...

TheDareDevil3667d ago

Was surprised to hear that this game is at the top of the UK charts 2 weeks in a row. Good for them

thepomqueteer3666d ago

I played the hell out of the demo, on the Raptr site it said I hit 10 hours on the demo. Bought it right away despite the reviews and I've quite enjoyed it so far. Good to see 505 coming up on top for once.