Far Cry 2, Driver: San Francisco and Sniper Elite V2 are now Xbox Backwards Compatible

Far Cry 2, Driver: San Francisco and Sniper Elite V2 are now all Xbox Backwards Compatible games available for Xbox One.

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ZombieKiller1371d ago

Going to pick up Far Cry 3 as I just saw that was available for BC. Not really a fan of the Xbox One but I am glad that I got one since it has some really good BC games! Playstation, please make your next console BC so I dont have to buy an xbox next gen!

BigKev451371d ago

"Will do" - Xbox staff.

PFFT1371d ago

Not gonna happen as long as they have that service PSNow.

PUBG1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I love Far Cry 2. I've played it on PS3 and PC, and now I'm going to play it again on Xbox One. Even though the multiplayer for this game wasn't very polished when it released, it was actually one of the most fun games to play back then. If it hadn't gone head to head with CoD4 when it launched during that holiday season, it probably would have been much more popular. It'll be interesting to see how populated the servers will be after the BC release :)

Weeblordbad1371d ago

Far Cry 2 was an 08 game, CoD4 was an 07 game.

PUBG1371d ago

You're right, my bad. It actually went up against CoD: WaW, which was still a really tough game for Far Cry 2 to go up against, especially with the fact that WaW had just introduced Zombies.

Weeblordbad1371d ago

To be fair, the zombies mode in WaW wasn't anything special. The first zombies map was just a collection of grey rooms, it definitely wasn't the big thing by then. It certainly wasn't what killed Far Cry 2, that game had plenty of issues whether it was the fire propagation, respawning garrisons/check points, weapons jamming, UNGODLY long load times and even in 08 being a year clear from Crysis I didn't think FC2 was amazing looking even on a PC.

Not to say it's bad or that your positive feelings about the game are misplaced. I just think there are clear issues and reasons FC2 failed where FC3 succeeded.

TheOttomatic911371d ago

Excellent work by the Xbox BC team as always, would love to see more 360 BC games get the 4K treatment though.

EDKICK1367d ago

Far Cry 2 is such an underrated game.