GNT: Inside Xbox Cancelled – The Aftermath

GNT: Leading on from my previous article on the need for Inside Xbox in Britain, this week Major Nelson revealed, via his blog, that the service will no longer be available and material will only be available via a “third party content model.” What does this now mean for the UK Xbox Live community? Do many people care that the service will no longer be available? With all of the hard work which the Inside Xbox team input into making the series a success, I think it’s hard not to feel sorry for the talented team who lost their jobs.

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SleazyChimp3660d ago

Oh come on! Those two were lame. Some of the skits they put on the air were down right stupid. Yet people are so shocked they got pulled off the air. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did. Now if the Brits like them so much, more power to them, keep the show over there. Personally I'm glad to not have to look at the two ree-ree's on my dash board anymore.

GamerEuphoria3660d ago

Crap show was crap. The presenter had a major ego problem too.

BX813660d ago

That show sucked pretty damn bad and it was corny as hell. I'm glad it's done.

DasTier3660d ago

Thank God they'll be off my dashboard, that show was pure garbage.

IQUITN4G3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

From over here in the uk i'd say they're better considered on the whole and not disliiked as it seems here. Like how some people over here aren't as accepting of american presention.

And don't forget that it was intentionally naff as in purely light hearted nonsense. I hardly think it was intended to be ball bouncing hilarious

I'm praying this talented pair isn't replaced by americans and cloned like what we got with the Office. Thing is there are way more americans and these are the numbers you have to please. Looks like we'll just have to roll over and take it

And i'm not sure where ego problem even comes into this considering it's just the act they do