The Top 10 PSOne Games Of All Time -

"To many, the PlayStation 1 symbolizes the golden age of videogames – a time where platforming was at its finest, where level-saves were charmingly awful, where taking abuse from minors online wasn’t exactly mandatory. Here’s Explosions top 10 list of our favourite games from Sony’s most important console (according to someone who has never played a Final Fantasy), but what are yours?" -

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SamPao3655d ago

THIS! One of the greatest series EVER created! hopefully Sony gives it another shot!

MrMister3655d ago

I was big PS One fan back in the day, and played all of those games mentioned. But was Spiro really that good? I avoided it because it looked too childish (children tend to want to play what the bigger kids are playing).

8bit_Nes_Rambo3655d ago

No, it wasn't very good. Much like this list.

aDDicteD3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

the list was made on a kid's perspective i think, i played spyro and it's nothing compared to metal gear , resident evil, etc.

MisterMarston3655d ago

To be fair, I'm 20 now so I must have been around about 6 when I played the majority of the PSOne games on my list (Resident Evil included). Since then, I've revisited many of the more renowned titles such as Silent Hill, Metal Gear and Gran Turismo - and whilst they're great games they'll never surpass the entertainment value of those in my top 10.

Capt-FuzzyPants3655d ago

Not enough RPGs. FF7 was one of the best ecer so it should definitely be on this list. But anyway still a decent list.

aDDicteD3655d ago

there are so many titles to choose from and i dont agree much on putting a top 10 without metal gear solid, resident evil 1,2 or 3, final fantasy 7, silent hill, and the list go's on and on.. there are so many titles that are far more better than those on the list, i only agree on crash bandicoot and tekken 3, the rest maybe on the top 20